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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Bridge To Nowhere Grows Legs

Chris Wallace over at Fox News is calling the McCain campaign on the carpet for the so called bridge to nowhere that Governor Palin has flip flopped on. In a grilling session with Rick Davis, Wallace fact checked the bridge to nowhere and Davis had to point the finger everywhere else but where the lie actually lives. In Governor Palin’s lap. She backed the bridge to nowhere, she ran for Governor on the bridge to nowhere, the congress killed the bridge to nowhere, not Governor Palin. She should have used performance bonds. She did see fit to take a large chunk of the money to build the access road to a bridge that will never exist. Spend two million on a ferry and blow the rest on other projects in Alaska.

I’m beginning to think that Fox News is tired of carrying the water for the blatant lies coming out of the McCain campaign recently. Fox News has to protect its own credibility as a legitimate news source, if they do not point out the obvious truth then they might as well turn the news channel into yet another home shopping channels to see what they can sell next week. Even the best spin doctors like Rick Davis can’t paddle the bridge to nowhere upstream during a flood. Like a man about to drown, he is giving it his best effort though. If Rick Davis manages to sell the bridge to nowhere that Palin has not listed on Ebay, then I have a certain bridge in Brooklyn that I just happened to have available.

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I ran across this story on Memeorandum over at Think Progress and I could not help but add my own thoughts to it. Sarah Palin lied about the bridge to nowhere, if she didn't lie then it wouldn't be worthy of the Sunday news shows. Sarah Palin has put a sense of distrust in the minds of people and she did it all by herself. The only problem is that she now has her future boss following her leads including the lie about the Governors jet that she supposedly sold on Ebay. Never happened. Another lie. Either McCain is a fool or nobody in his campaign is handing him the current events on what is going on with his Vice President pick Governor Sarah Palin. I'm betting that the Maverick is showing his temper loud and clear to all of his campaign staff. This whole scenario shows very poor judgement on his part as a Presidential candidate.

Kudos to Chris Wallace for a stand up “Tim Russert” like interview. Don’t take sides, just ask the question, point out what the people in question said that is documented, and simply wait for the explanation.

My thoughts are running towards the arguement of how long John McCain will let his credibility and his final run for the office of President bleed? Check back here for the possible news that McCain lets Palin go and inserts Vice President candidate B?


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