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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Palin Targeted by Bloggers and the Media

Even John McCain is crying that the press and those of us in the bloggosphere are not being fair to Governor Sarah Palin. He is absolutely right! If he had picked someone with some real life experience in government other than twenty plus months as a Governor then we just might have “vetted” her less. No, John McCain picked an unknown Governor from Alaska that the MSM and left and right wing bloggers know nothing about. I for one think that it is pretty important to know who is only a heartbeat away from the most powerful political office in the world!

This nation is fighting a war on two fronts and John McCain has a problem with people asking questions about someone he wants as his immediate replacement if God chooses that he has to come home? Well the main stream media is going to pound his pick for Vice President into the ground till they know who the hell she is and where she stands on all of the issues and this is supposed to be a race for President based on issues. Politics at this level is not a gentleman’s game, not by far, this is where you better be able to step up fast and fight back fast. There is no topic off the table regardless of kind requests to do so by your political opponent.

There is only one person to blame for the rash of harsh reality based reporting of facts that comes with a presidential race when you pick an unknown person. That would lay fully on the shoulders of John McCain. The press and bloggers are not to blame for the million and one questions that needed to be answered on Sarah Palin. John McCain’s life is an open book, hell, he even has a couple of books you can buy to find out more about him. John McCain is the known person in this discussion and this election, Sarah Palin is not!

The treatment of Sarah Palin would be the same for any Obama candidate for Vice President but Barack Obama was wise and chose a well known and experienced person in the U.S. Senate as his Vice President. Someone with thirty five years worth of public experience that is all well known in the press. Someone like Joe Biden that actually knows how to move change through the congress and get the job done. That is what a Vice President is supposed to do if you were wondering. The Vice President takes the President’s legislation and lobbies it through the Senate and the House. Al Gore did it, George H. W. Bush did it, and so did Lyndon Johnson and Harry Truman. I gave those for former Vice President’s as a reference because in each White House they served under our nation came through great crisis and landed on our feet.

So when people tell you (John McCain) that the job of the Vice President is to inquire to the health of the President each day, it is a gross negligence of thought on how the office of Vice President actually is supposed to work. Furthermore, if that is how he thinks, then Governor Palin is just a pin up girl that looks great on television and not worth her salt at all. His definition of Vice President, not mine.

While John McCain is dead set on the Vice President office being a heart monitor to the President, the current office holder has chosen to use the Vice President’s office as a bully pulpit where not only is the Congress not seeing his service to America but his delegation to others outside of government is extremely evident. Black Water, Haliburton, and skirting the blame for outing of a CIA agent to his staff.

As for Senator McCain claiming that the press is unfair to Governor Palin, did he not read any of the press or blogs while Hillary Clinton was running for President? Hillary was torn apart on each of her positions and she stuck to her guns and her gut feeling on what was best for America. I’m proud to say that Hillary Clinton made it possible for John McCain to pick a woman as Vice President but the same questions given to Hillary Clinton are fair game for Governor Sarah Palin. Hillary Clinton won 18 million votes as a tough candidate that could handle the heat and answer the questions put to her in one of the toughest primary campaigns in history. Something that is expected when you are going to be responsible for almost 400 million American’s future.

Nobody gets a pass when the people want to know who the hell is Sarah Palin and why did John McCain pick her as his Vice President candidate? This isn’t just politics for bloggers. It’s about our wondering who the hell Sarah Palin is! Behind every blog is somebody with a vote. Some of us just happen to have a louder voice than others.


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Blogger Claudia Snell said...

Great post Papamoka!

5:44 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thank you Claudia!

6:29 AM  

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