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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Dogtown on National Geographic TV

I’ve often wondered what ever happened to all the dogs that were taken away from Michael Vick by the authorities. If you need a reminder, Michael Vick was the Atlanta Falcons NFL player that was found guilty of running an underground dog fighting sport ring. A business that was built up by raising Pitt bulls to be as aggressive as possible and then they would be put into a ring to fight to the death. Like most people I have been guilty of thinking that the animals were all euthanized aka put to sleep. Not so!

As I was cruising the cable channels I came across a program called Dogtown. Through the help of other organizations like Best Friends Animal Society, twenty-two of the Pitt Bulls from Vick’s Bad News Kennels are being retrained in hopes of eventually being adopted out. This amazing task is being shown on National Geographic Channel and I applaud the hard work that the trainer’s Ann Allums, John Garcia and Michelle Besmehn have put into the lives of these dogs. Along with retraining these dogs, many of them faced critical care and long term care from the Veterinarian staff Doctors Pattie Iampietro and Mike Dix.

My heart went out to many of the dog’s simply because of the negligence and out right torture that some of them faced. One of them named Georgia had her teeth removed in order to protect the dogs that she was forced to breed with. Another of the dogs named Cherry was a bait dog, meaning that they would use him to build up the confidence of more aggressive dogs. One dog, Meryl, by court order can never be adopted out and must remain at Dogtown for the rest of her life. Meryl is making progress in her training and the staff at Dogtown look forward to having her in their lives for as long as she lives.

Watching the show was inspirational to me as a dog lover and I was just amazed to see how quickly these abused animals learn to not only trust people but seem to just want to please their trainers. When you see what some of these animals were put through in their lives before Dog Town it just astounds you to think how well they have recovered and changed. This is not an overnight process and I’m sure it will take many months of love and care from the staff at Dogtown to make these animals safe and friendly in any environment.

I’m looking forward to the next episode and I applaud all of the people that pitched in to give these dogs a second chance at life.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was very aware of this and I too think this is a wonderful thing. I have a love for all animals and Pit Bulls are not exception, you can not blame the dog you blame the owner. There is a great author names Ken Foster who wrote 'The dogs who found me" also raises money for pitbulls and fosters them.
I only hope more can be rehabilitated in the future.

7:11 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm a dog lover. I miss my baby boy Max. If your happy, sad, whatever, your dog is right there with ya and although we neve allowed him up in our bed, he was always there on my side of the bed when mum went to bed early and jumped off the bed when he heard my footsteps up the stairs. Then he would go off to the babies room an lie next to them. We were his pack family. He was as much a family member as any of the kids.

Man I miss my baby boy!

10:50 PM  

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