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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Huckabee RNC Speech

Is the average age of the GOP over sixty? Watching the speech from former Governor Huckabee that is now a Fox News consultant sure as hell looked that way. All those empty seats in the small stadium. Blocks of seats and all of the close ups in the speech were for the most part as if you were looking at a Social Security reunion speech.

This convention was similar to looking at an Amway rally. Of course the only ones invited were the ones that could afford to pay the entrance fee. Millionaires only allowed. No teenagers, no mid twenty year olds, nobody under thirty! Holy crap, McCain and the Republican party do not trust anyone over sixty! Except for hot babes that happen to be Governor of Alaska?

Leave it up to Republican’s like Mike Hucabee to draw the POW card and of course veterans that served an earned children the right to go to school because they served. Tell a story where a teacher teaches children why they have the right to a school desk and it is because veterans fought for it and they gave it to them. Then John McCain votes against most of the bills funding the Veterans Administration that services all of our wounded veterans? Tell me I’m wrong but I believe it was Franklin Roosevelt that made public education mandated. It may have been Truman but it was not a Republican President. Over at MSNBC they have Hucabee's speech...

Keep playing the Veteran card, and keep playing the POW card. Then vote against veterans every single time in mass as a political party. If you don’t get it by now that the Republican Party is all about protecting the money they already have then you honestly don’t know what politics is all about. Their candidate is not about you, it is about protecting them.


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