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Friday, September 05, 2008

McCain and Palin Lies

By now, everyone that reads an online blog knows that the Sarah Palin RNC speech was full of lies. The bridge to nowhere that she was all for before she was against it was her John Kerry moment in political history. Her statement that Barack Obama has never passed any legislation in the U.S. Senate (129 in fact). That she sold the Governors jet on Ebay but actually only listed it on Ebay, twice. She actually sold it eventually through a broker for a loss of close to $750,000 that the people of Alaska took the hit for. Hint, hint to real reporters, who bought the jet from the Governor of Alaska? Follow the money! She claims to have cut spending in her home town but put them into debt for generations under her leadership. Zero budget deficit before Palin (BP), After Palin (AP) $29,000,000. How does a population of 9,000 people pay off that kind of debt?

Then you have Senator (Maverick) McCain repeating the same lies from Palin as if she is his savior in this political race. During his acceptance speech he offered no plans to change the status quo other than he is a Maverick? He will bring change, but it’s a secret as to how and when? Where was the health care issue, where was the veterans issues, no wait, he covered veterans issues with a back drop picture of Walter Reed School in California. A MAJOR BLUNDER! Somebody didn't "vette" the search engine picture that was plastered behind McCain on the monster video green screen behind McCain during his acceptance speech for the Repulican Nomination for President. Nobody from the McCain campaign has said to date that it was supposed to be Walter Reed Hospital for wounded veterans but the opinions and context of his speech dictate that it was supposed to be. We are supposed to assume it was a mistake but if you look at John McCain’s record on voting for veteran benefits and funding it was a slap in the face to all veterans. Over at the Gun Toting Liberal he has this to say…

"So, here is the guy who wants to play “tough guy” with Iran. If the man and his oh-so-competent staff can’t find Walter Reed Army Medical Center on the Internets, how in the HELL can we be certain they’re going to be able to locate Iran?" - Gun Toting Liberal (My Brother from another mother on the blogosphere)

John McCain is running his campaign as an outside observer and I honestly believe that his own campaign staff is incompetent. Which then begs the question of who he will pull into his confidence as cabinet members? America has had enough of Bush incompetence, misdirection, lies, and out right avoidance of the truth and issues facing our nation. If John McCain had vetted his choice for Vice President as he and his staff should have then he would have known all of these bombshells existed, they didn’t. Nobody did their homework in the McCain camp and it shows. Now they are crying that the Mains Stream Media (MSM) is being unfair in asking his Vice President choice hard questions? Two words, Hillary Clinton!

McCain in his choice for VP assumed that simply because Sarah Palin is a woman she would automatically draw a large portion of the Hillary Clinton supporters that just happen to have a uterus. That is so far from the truth and John McCain made a huge mistake. Then again, the truth is something his anti-veteran based voting record proves out.

So the question is right in front of us about selecting our next President of the United States, more lies or the truth? Someone offering hope, real change, a better tomorrow, or someone that has no clue as to whom his Vice President pick actually is. McCain’s picking Governor Sarah Palin is very much similar to sexually transmitted diseases, he may be in bed with her now politically but who has she been in bed with politically before he picked her for his Vice President?

Those are legitimate questions to be asked by the MSM! And then some…


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