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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Biden Responds to RNC Convention

Joe Biden has already taken the GOP on with his response to the lack of actual plans to bring about change from the RNC Convention speakers. Below is a great video clip from his speech in Scranton, PA over the weekend.

Video Link

Senator Biden has a legitimate point. Most of the speakers were in fact attacking the true messengers of change rather than the plans that Obama and Biden are offering America. It looks to me like Republican's are using the Karl Rove campaign handbook and that is going to lead to one very dirty political Presidential election.


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Blogger harry said...

Biden campaigned for Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama in a speech to the Ironworkers Local Union in Philadelphia Friday. It wasn't so much what I heard it was what I didn't hear, Biden said of the convention, which ended Thursday night after Sen. John McCain accepted the Republican nomination. Sometimes what goes unsaid is even more powerful than what is said.
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