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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Real Clear Politics Polls

Over at Real Clear Politics (RCP) they are showing a huge move from red state to moderate, middle of the road, on the fence thinking about their votes for Obama over McCain. This is a huge upset for the Republican Party and the damage is their political parties own damn fault! All of the lies, deception, “Can’t touch me”, and “Those laws do not apply to me because I am an elected official of the US Congress” are catching up fast and furious to the red state Republican’s. That and the fact that the current President has pretty much torn up the Constitution because his interpretation of “We the People” is far different than what the founding father’s actually stated. That might explain his current approval rating at 28% and the Congress at 17%.

I’m going to be straight with you and tell you right now that the next election will look nothing like the past two for President of the United States of America. This will not be even a close race for several reasons and I’ll list them out for you. Number one is the war in Iraq and the lies that lead all of us into it. WMD’s were a lie, Yellow Cake was a lie and the Plame scandal outing a CIA operative in the field just added up to more lies on top of more lies.

Number two is the corruption or thought of probable corruption with no bid contracts for that war with the largest of chunks of billions of tax dollars going to none other than the former firm CEO that is our Republican Vice President Dick Cheney. Then to avoid the long arm of the law the firm Cheney once headed pulled up stakes in America and moved its world headquarters to… Dubai!

Three, and this one is really important, the mass exodus of die hard conservative and staunch Republicans from red states through resignation or indictment that supposedly had strong “Family Values” but assisted in, were part of, tried covering up, or were actually accused of sexually deviant adventures as elected members of the Congress. You can not preach family values, God, the Bible, and American values and then do the exact opposite.

Four, Americans do not like to be told that you just have to deal with it because you are an oil addict. President Bush’s only answer to our nations energy crisis and the cost of gas at the pump is to drill for more oil, not research programs to fund alternative sources exploration, not science programs to expand our knowledge of potential new resources, just a slap upside the head from a former oil executive that “We the People” are addicts and should be ashamed. President Bush has never, not once, nope, not even during a time of war asked “We the People” to cut back, conserve energy during a time of war. Just his statement that we should all go “Shopping”!

Last but not least, coming in fifth is the tax cuts for millionaires that President Bush passed and Senator McCain who as a Conservative once thought was a fiscal disaster now wants to keep in the worst way. Ergo, taxes on the rich are bad, which McCain is in fact one, with his wife’s assets estimated at over $100 million dollars. Passing the buck to the little people makes more sense somehow in McCain's mind. After all there is more of them than people like him above it all so to speak.

With all of these reasons, John McCain with his following of Bush on every major issue is in fact a clone now known as John McBush. People see through the path that Bush once plowed into a field that will never even grow weeds and that is why the following states are now no longer diehard red states:

New Mexico (Bush wanted to Annex it but it was already a state)
North Carolina

Dare I add other states to this list? Damn straight if Obama shows some Presidential potential backbone on his current trip to Iraq and Afghanistan. Provided Obama does not screw up Sunni and Shia and other tribes names in Iraq, forget the name of the current leader in any nation he visits, or misspeak on any issue relevant to the nation he is in during this trip, then he should or could change the polling numbers by a large percentage in other red states as well. Just a thought for you to think about, if you are worried about his messing up facts and details… Obama is a Harvard University graduate that was at the top of his class. He studies topics and recalls them fairly well when asked about it. He is not George Bush or John McCain. He is never one to quote Homer Simpson with a “Dhut” explanation.

When you really think about it, the Bush administration has allowed corporate America to run shotgun on our economy and in doing so we have lost our way on how to be the best in the world. While not just jobs but entire industries have been sent overseas the current occupant of the Presidency is the actual cause for this failing economy and is still looking the other way. So is the Republican nominee for President of the United States of America.

Salvation, hope, whatever you want to call it is not in electing just a President but electing someone that actually believes in honest change for the better. While McCain is grasping and gasping for the Bush 28% approval rating he has lost his way like oh so many of us in America. change of the status quo just isn't in his heart and he can not sell it. That is why "We the People" will change our own lives for better times come November.


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Anonymous RegularRon said...

All great things I must say, my friend. But I would also add to your post, that a great number of us "Conservative/Libertarian" minded folks won't be voting for the Republi-crats.

Frist, Spending and borrowing. Being a fiscal hawk that I am, this should be the most important issue being talked about. It is damaging us to no end, and neither of the big partys are addressing this. All I'm hearing from both is "we will do this, and that", which equals more spending.

Second, the Republican Party USE (and I stress that)to be the party of "Leave Me Alone". No Government in your back pocket, and bedroom. Now, the Puritans have takin over the party, and with that, came up with what some have called "Big Government Conservatism". Read, Oxymoron in Wepsters for more info.

Thirdly, Bush has been nothing but Clinton pt.2. I know, crazy as it seems, but hear me out. Adventures around the world, foreign aid to Africa and most Middle East countrys.Siding with the United Nations (Iraq resolution).An Ever expanding Federal Government. And of course the shredding of the Bill of Rights. Clinton pt.2

What I believe should be done, is simple, we need to smash the Two Party system we have. And of course both of their "corporate" interests. Yes, the Democrats have "corporate" interests as well.

Atleast that's my belief.

9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breaking News

(Chicago) Insiders at the Obama campaign staffers say that he has decided on Claire McCaskill “because she thinks along the same lines and can help articulate his issues”. The announcement will come by the end of July……

11:32 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the input Regular Ron, and you are absolutely correct. I totally missed the Libertarian vote that frankly I honestly believe McCain is not even thinking of catering to.

1:34 PM  

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