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Friday, July 11, 2008

Ut Oh for Republican Senators in November

Many of the polls running are showing the Republican Party in the Senate is in deep trouble and may not be able to hold onto many seats this next election. One of the things leading this mass exodus of Republican voters is the plain old simple truth. Many of the Republican Senators on committees that backed President Bush are caught with the lies that Bush sold them on their records. Records are funny little things like that. There is no Teflon in record keeping and all the nasty facts and devious weaving of the truth simply sticks to the public servant owner.

Top GOPer Concedes That Party Has No Safe Senate Seats
By Eric Kleefeld - July 11, 2008, 3:52PM

Here's yet another sign of just how abysmal the map is for Senate Republicans this year: They are openly saying there are exactly zero safe seats this year -- not even Kansas, a red state that hasn't elected a Democrat to the Senate since 1932. - TPM Election Central

I’m not one to be politically illiterate, yes, some Republican Senators from red states may loose their seat for blindly carrying President Bush’s water but I tend to think that most will be back to serve again due to the “Incumbent” factor. That is the facts of life and unless these red state Senators really screwed up they will be back if a Democrat opponent can not sell the truth to the red state voters.

Bigger changes are coming to America and true leaders are needed. Some suck at the job in the Senate and get re-elected simply because of name recognition. President Bush didn’t get this nation into the mess it is in alone, he had help from many Senators on many committees. Our job as American voters is to stop the lies and overcome the enigma of election cycles by simply pointing to the truth and repeating it loud and clear for all to hear and see. Pretty simple when you really think about it. Voting out the liars should be an open and shut case.


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