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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

McCain has a Nader

While the Obama campaign has John McBush on the run on what to do about Iraq and Afghanistan the Arizona Senators back yard has been infested with Obamacans. Bob Barr running on the Independent ticket for President is eating into the McCain base and the poll numbers have driven him into the cheap seats of the election process in his own home state. Al Gore would be proud, but then again he lost his own home state to Bush so he isn’t talking to the press on this poll.

Over at the Huffington Post they have this little ditty on the poll results…

In a sign of continued weakness in his home state, an online poll shows Sen. John McCain trailing Sen. Barack Obama by 3-percentage points in Arizona. The poll also shows the candidacy of Libertarian Bob Barr is having a significant impact on McCain's campaign by siphoning off conservative voters nationwide.

The Arizona poll was part of nationwide Zogby International poll that put Obama ahead in total electoral votes with 273 to 160 for McCain. The poll found 11 states with 105 electoral votes too close to call -- including Arizona. McCain's campaign in June included Arizona among its list of swing states. – Huffington Post

I can’t argue with the poll. Nope, I can see where the great people of Arizona see a puppet doll and not a President. While all the main stream media sees this as a Democrat wet dream I have to look at the reality of polls and they don’t mean diddly at this point in the election. Should Obama go to Arizona a couple of dozen times? Hell ya! Should McBush go to Arizona rather than Columbia South America… Depends, how much is dinner going to cost for the guests?

One of the things that piss most politically active people off is where the money comes from to elect a Congressman, a Senator, and a President. Some people criticize Barack Obama for waiving the federal funding match and rightfully so. In the same respect, when you see that many of your contributions which are $5 and $10 are coming from ordinary people in America begging for change then a candidate must consider their voices in everything he is doing on their behalf. Hillary Clinton would have done the same thing if she won the primary process. And Bill would have been the one to tell her not to be stupid because he knows politics better than anyone at the federal level. Who knows, maybe he told Barack the same advice?

Nobody will ever know what kind of promises John McBush made down in Columbia South America or how much money followed him home in contributions sooner or later. One thing is certain, McCain voted against his own bill to change the immigration policy of America after he had a chat with his mentor in the White House. His own damn bill, he wrote it, gave it life in the Senate, fought for it and yet he voted against it? What logical response could ever explain that fact and be actually believable?

I’m going to be looking into the Bob Barr guy and see who he is. If he is able to steal 7% of the vote from McBush in Arizona then he might be able to carry a couple of other key states for Obama and that my friends might be worthy of a donation from yours truly to his political campaign. Politics, it’s like chess, you move pieces, you sacrifice pawns, rooks and even a queen, but the end result is getting your opponents King.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or... Barr's supporters will just vote for him because they didn't have a candidate to vote for in the first place, not even McCain. I used to consider myself a Democrat, but now my cat would be getting a vote if it weren't for Nader. Votes can't be stolen, but they should be earned.

Hope you're enjoying the summer, Papamoka.

1:00 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Good point Chell! I'm all for spoilers when the sons of B*&^%$ think they have the race locked up. More so when my guy looks good to go and their guy is suffering the spoilers spoilings so to speak.

I have to check out Barr, he might just have something more to think about.

Bye the way, the girls are having a blast on our friends with pools connections here in New England. How is your summer going?

2:30 AM  
Blogger DB said...

I like your chess analogy for politics. That was good. Hopefully Barr forces McCain to spend more money defending states that he might have expected to win.

4:45 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I think you might be right there DB with spending money where McCain didn't think he actually even show up for the support. Lots of die hard red states are in play like never before.

8:52 AM  

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