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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

McCain = Bush

We have all seen in the press how President Bush and his public appearance speeches where all of the people attending are in fact pre-screened and qualified as die hard Bush fans. Only people happy to see the President are allowed into any of his events.

It turns out that John McCain is more and more like the man he hopes to replace in 2009. Out in Denver, the McCain camp had a 61 year old librarian removed from an open forum on public property simply because she held a sign that simply read “McCain = Bush”. Apparently, that did not go over well and she was cleared from the site and issued a ticket for trespassing. I kid you not and My thanks to the folks over at The Peoples Forum and YouTube for this video! I could not make this stuff up if I wanted too!

In other news related to screening your supporters, it appears that the McCain camp is also allegedly screening reporters questions according to Mother Jones…

By David Corn
July 8, 2008

"Washington Dispatch: Political reporters are wondering if McCain aides are vetting the journalists who ask questions during campaign conference calls for the media. The evidence suggests they are; the campaign won't say…" - Mother Jones

By the way, the rest of the Mother Jones article is a must read!

Call me a nut job but I’m thinking that John McCain is running scared and the new campaign strategy is to run from dissenters and hide from the harsh reporters not willing to kiss his back side so to speak. It looks like they will have to rename the “Straight Talk Express” bus to something more fitting like the “Straight Talk On Only The Subjects We Like To Talk About Express.”

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it is a duck. I think the facts speak loud and clear that McCain = Bush.


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