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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Technorati Messed Up

Is Technorati messed up or what? How does this web site go from over 70 links to just 46 links in just three months time? Not that Technorati is the gold standard for bloggers but I liked having the authority of my site under the top one hundred thousand in the world of bloggers.

Over at Google there are over one thousand links back to this site from all over the world so I'm thinking that Technorati has a link building or recognition problem. I'm not claiming to be a web site guru but it doesn't take a genius IQ to figure out that Technorati is messed up. Just for giggles I checked on a friends site and he had zero links back and he is one of the largest web bloggers in America! Thus I am thinking that Technorati has lost it's edge on the blogosphere.



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Blogger haireality said...

I agree. Because of several foul ups, i lost ranking. Very disappointing.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

How bad have they hit your site? I've seen my best friend in the bloggosphere lose almost 400 links, and another friend went from over 1000 down to zero depending on what day you look at his rating?

9:59 AM  
Blogger Pink Granite said...

Hi -
I've had problems with Technorati too. And I've found that contacting them does no good.

I've also mistakenly trusted them to give me a heads up when someone links to me (either in a post or on a blog roll). Ooops! Obviously that doesn't work!!!

Thanks so much for including me in your link list! I'm honored to be in such good company!

I'll be back...
- Lee

12:55 AM  

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