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Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain Hagee

At this moment I feel bad for John McCain. With his former attitude and denial of the facts when he accepted the endorsement of Reverend Hagee but did not feel himself liable for his comments against we whores of the Catholic faith, he still needed Hagee. He needs that Christian Conservative Evangelical vote. Those folks in George Bush’s back yard and solid support base. Even when Hagee apologized for the comments bashing Catholics, McCain stood by him. It should have raised a flag of concern from the McCain campaign but it didn’t. It wasn’t important enough for McCain, it didn’t matter that millions of Catholic voters still felt offended even if the Catholic League felt the apology full of sincerity. As the D List comedian Kathy Griffin pointed out, the Catholic League is one guy with a computer and does not represent most Catholics. He certainly does not represent this pissed off Catholic!

Then we get Hagee saying that God made Hitler construct the Holocaust because all of the Jewish people in the world needed to return to Israel? Hitler was an instrument of God for the sake of Israel? Now McCain is interested and wants to know more about Hagee? Did he or his campaign not look into Hagee to begin with? Most politicians don’t accept an endorsement unless they are in step with them in the first place. Maybe in the eyes of John McCain it is okay to bash a Catholic because we have all of the monster sex abuse on children issues to deal with but what about a nut job explanation on why Hitler was part of God’s plan?

John McCain thinks that he can walk away from Hagee’s former endorsement but he can not. Now he sits in the same seat as Obama with the need to explain further why he did not know the hate monger that endorsed him. Using the excuse that he didn’t attend his church does not give him an out. This is a Presidential election and if his choice of accepting and endorsement was wrong then what about his choices for the Supreme Court if elected President of the United States?

How many other hate mongering, Catholic and Jew bashing friends does he have in the background that overlooked what was an obvious bad choice?

One thing is certain and that is the fact that this election is going to go negative and it will go negative fast and furious. The Christian Right is losing its voice in government because of blind faith and I don’t have any sympathy for them in that respect. You can flick through every single page of the bible you want but Jesus Christ was never about subjugating the poorest of the poor for the gain of the few.

John Hagee and John McCain are two very different people but they are the same mentality. One is selling the word of God for a dollar and the other is selling his soul for the sake of the office of President. I feel bad for John McCain because he was the voice of reason prior to the George Bush Presidency. Somewhere along the path to today he lost his voice from yesterday.



Bring It On! and To the Center

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