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Friday, December 07, 2007

Mom’s and Their Babies at Christmas

Editorial note: Play the video for the full emotional effect of this post while you read.

My own Mom passed away in 1993. It still seems like just a few weeks or months ago, never years or even a decade. She died in her sleep and I will never forget what the Priest said at her service. Louise is dancing with Kings. He offered that analogy because she crossed over with a smile on her face. To this very day that is the one memory I cherish most when I think of my Mom. I remember her smile whenever she looked at me her baby in my mind. No matter where I am, no matter what I am doing, I can feel that love and smile and it makes the world an easier place to deal with.

Many years later in 2003, my wife’s Mom passed away. My wife was crushed and devastated. Her mother was her world and as much as they argued and fought and laughed together they both would run through a burning building to save the other. Judy loved her daughter with all of her heart and the grand children loved their Grammy. But the love her Mom had for her baby was priceless and you could not match it. The two of them were inseperable.

Holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are hard when the Mom’s are no longer around. One thing is certain, Mom’s never stop loving their babies and Blake Shelton nailed the heartbreak that many people feel that have lost their Mom…

I’m not ashamed as a man to say that I cried when I first saw this video. It brought back to me so many memories of what I would have done different in my own life. Regrets for harsh words when I needed to be set straight. It made me sorry for all the stupid things I did when I thought I ruled the world. I loved my Mom with all of my heart and this time of year I miss her more than ever. Christmas has not been the same without my Mom or my Wife’s Mom in the world. And yet, we know that they are watching over us. Mom’s are forever and thankfully so! We love you Mom and miss you. Always in our prayers.

Thank you Blake Shelton for this song!


Dedicated to my wife’s Mom Judie Curtin Poulin
and my Mom Louise Courtney O’Keefe... We love you and miss you...

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