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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Sunday Night Thoughts..

I've just gotten the chance to look around and see what is going on in the world and here at home. So here are some questions that I'm going to be looking around for at least some answers.

Anyone else but me think it is never a good idea to appoint a military General to head up the CIA? We were told alot of lies by a civilian appointed Director of the CIA so what is a hot headed gun ho General going to present for the next cause.

How far is Bush willing to go to spy on people here at home for the sake of national interest and protecting the rest of the country from "Terrorists"? How many more personal freedoms does he want to take away from us before people wake up and say enough is enough?

Saw a blurb about the British helicopter that went down in Iraq and the crowds that were cheering about it? So somebody needs to tell me who we are handing freedom to again? Somebody give frigin Sadam the keys back. We'll do the cheering as we pull all our troops out.

Dick Cheney verbally slapped the Russians? Who let him out of his un-diclosed location again?

Did you see that they are trying to pass a law down in North Carolina to ban the sale of sex toys?
I saw some of the comments on Huffington's web site and was laughing my head off.

Stay tuned for more questions to my questions.

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