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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Elderly Drug Plan Deadline

Bush was down in Florida today thanking the elderly of this country for all their support and then squashed them with his deadline for Medicare Part D. Everyone is asking him for an extension of the deadline that is coming up on Monday May 15th for all the seniors to be signed up or they get to pay a penalty. President Bush refused to listen to anyone and basically told the old folks you’re screwed if you don’t get it done by Monday.

Sorry Grand Ma but if you aren’t signed up by Monday at midnight good old George and his gang of Mini Publicans are coming for your dentures. George has drawn the line in the sand and its for your own good too. Still not signed up then they pull out the big guns and have Rummy come take away your hearing aids. Still not signed up, Dick Cheney will come to your house and yell nasty words that begin with F and end with UCK and it ain’t Firetruck! Nasty buggers them Mini Publicans are.

Bush is standing his ground on the deadline and letting approximately six million elderly people get screwed over by the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies with higher fees and prescription costs. What a nice guy he is. Just when you thought he was going to miss the greatest generation?


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