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Monday, May 08, 2006

Cause for Immigration

There is a great piece on MSNBC from the WP on immigration and the reason for it. It speaks volumes about the people that will do anything to get here amongst us to better their families lives back home. The cost to the small villages that are but ghost towns with just Grandparents and children left behind as their people immigrated here to the United States. I wasn’t surprised to read that the average family in El Salvador is receiving $200 per month from family working here in the United States. That in comparison to the average days wage in their village of a whopping $3 and you can do the math yourself to come to your own conclusion. If I knew that I could support myself and send back home up to three times the money more than if I stayed and worked, I’d immigrate here too!

I’ve heard it said that one of the largest industries and benefits to the economy of Mexico is the billions of dollars sent back home to support families left behind. That fact is never going to change until life in these countries change. When their own economies can support their own people is when the flood immigrants will slow down. If we ever want to get to the source of the plight of these people then that is where we want to start to focus our attention.

This issue of immigration is one for the serious leaders of our world to figure out. It isn’t going to be solved even after they think they have done so. The immigration laws of the United States have been tweaked and fiddled with for years and we are just going to have to look at them again and adjust the laws to meet the times. People struggling in the world will always reach for the best. Where are the greatest opportunities for you and your family’s future? Here in America is the answer to that question.


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