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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Politics and Immigration

Immigration and politics are the third rail for the Republicans in Congress. None of them want to touch it. This is a topic and situation where you see the real leaders of the country step up and you see the ones that place blame step back. Mid term elections are coming up this fall. Anyone can step back and point fingers at who is to blame for the failure of the cause and legislation. True leaders will pick up the flag and bring it forward into the battle of the righteous.

And yet we have two leaders that everyone knows that have picked it up and will fight for what is right. True leaders of good government. How it should be done without the verbal game of placing blame. Leaders that will get something done that makes sense.

Ted Kennedy and John McCain. One a Democrat and the other a Republican. Two men that are so far from one another politically that these two things don't go together. Dogs and cats, not fighting but working together to find a real solution. These are real leaders of a nation and not people that tow the party line. This is an issue that takes leaders and not finger pointers of who is to blame. That is how you get things done in Washington D.C. and that is a fact. If you don't have the guts to put your name and reputation up for judgement then shut the hell up.

Unless we plan on building the wall of China on our borders then we have to come to a realistic solution to our friendly immigrants that just want a better life. We should never stereotype the majority of immigrants based on the worst of the lot. That is not and should never be the American way. All nations build on our country through immigration.

AKA Matthew O'Keefe
Worcester, MA
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