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Sunday, April 02, 2006


This country is what you would call the Statue of Liberties best attempt at beef stew. She has welcomed every nationality the world has ever had and she will continue to do so. This is her melting pot and her creation and she is a damn good cook. Sometimes she adds a little to much salt and not enough pepper. Then she tosses in a little garlic to spice it up. She loves garlic and who doesn't. She could never forget the vegetables like your carrots and green beans and of course turnips and celery. Then she reaches into the old cabinet were she stores her spices and throws in a little oregano, a touch of sweet basil and just a bit of honey. Just enough to make it a wonder and joy to the taste buds. Then she just has to add some hot sauce to kick it up a notch as Emeril Laggasse says. You have to love Emeril! So she preps the beef with a little flour and a touch of seasonings. They have to be browned just right to make it the best stew ever. Lady Liberty makes this stew every day and she has been doing it for years.

Pick your nationality and or country of origin around the world and you are a product of immigration. Unless you are an American Indian of pure blood then shut the hell up. Eat the damn stew and be glad that it is a hot meal.

I can't count on both hands and all my toes how many people I know from other countries living the true American dream. The real issue is that all of us that have been born here, educated here, and working here just don't get what the American dream is. To us it is just life. Immigrants do get it and I can't blame them for wanting it so bad that they will do whatever it takes to get a bowl of Lady Liberties beef stew. Own a home, own a car, educate your kids in the best school systems in the world bar none. These people took the biggest risk a person could ever take. They left all that they knew and loved behind to make a better life for them and their families. Tell me if you as an American would ever move to another country where you don't speak the language or understand the culture? You wouldn't.

Politically, they are doing exactly what the Irish did, the Italians did, the Germans did, the English did, the Jews did and everyone else had to do to get what they needed to do to survive. They have found the weakest link in the system and I applaud them for it. Elect your people and be heard!!! Now that is a bowl of beef stew that the founding fathers loved.

Vote and be heard...

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