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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Gas Prices

I'm sure that you have noticed the cost of gasoline lately and if you've pulled up to the pumps lately and been asked to fill out a credit application you aren't alone. Do you think anybody in Washington D.C. has noticed? Probably not. The millionaire club we call our government probably hasn't touched a gas pump in a couple of decades.

I've been writing and complaining to my state representatives and congressmen and senator about the price gouging but they just don't seem to get it. I'm sure if I had a huge check for their re-election fund that I might get a minute or two of their time but I don't have that kind of extra money after tanking up the truck. When you hear or see politicians talk about the prices of gas or home heating they almost have a smirk on their faces? Maybe it is an inside joke that we are not privy to?

So next month or whenever they post their earnings for the quarter and it is in the record books as the largest profit ever for any company in the world don't be surprised. Just thank your government for letting them rip you off every time you pull into the pumps. The truth be told, they are stealing from you and me legally and there isn't a back bone in all the state houses or in D.C. that will stand up to them. The days of Teddy Roosevelt and a President having the guts to break them up are long gone.

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