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Saturday, March 11, 2006

U.S. Presidency for Sale

Presidential Politics

I was shocked to read today on the world wide web that the office of President of the United States has a price tag attached to it. If you can't raise at the least one hundred million dollars for the office you are not a serious candidate? Anybody think this is the wrong way to go or is it just me? If you know where the money is you can be President of the United States of America. This scares me as an American.

Who has a stop watch of when the White House is renamed with a Microsoft logo on the front door? Or dare I say it is the Haliburton White House? Pick a special interest of your choice and that is what our government has become. How many dollars are chasing after the office that is supposed to watch out for the American people? Billions! What else is there in politics but money. Follow the money and you find where the person running for office sucks up. Speaches are bullshit and we all know it. The only thing that happens in Washington is the sucking legislation that takes yet another dollar out of the wallets of the working middle class. Not once, but twice and three times and ten times over and over again. We are the tapping generation to save the upper classes bank accounts.

Republicans and Democrats just don't get it anymore and we have no other serious party to even consider. We are at war for weapons of mass destruction that now we know were or were not there, our kids are still dying. Point the blame anywhere you want but kids are still dying. God bless them for serving regardless. They did what they were trained to do in service to the United States of America. That is what people should be thinking about come the elections this fall. Devil you know or the devils you don't know?

Folks have to think alot more about who you vote for President this next election because as you have seen in life lately, it matters if you vote. They are all at the feeding trough now getting their fill of donations to man the war chest of an election and the joke of it all is that they really don't care what you think as an individual. It is all about winning the election. The seriousness of the office is secondary to the checks being cashed. Think about your vote and more of what you want to hear and less of what realy happens. Choose your government wisely with your vote.

Vote and be counted is all I'm saying.

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