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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Governing For Sale

Can political values be put up for sale for a price? I'm just wondering if the ideas and thoughts that gave someone the courage to run for public office can be bought? I do this blog and I have advertisers but I can't see myself selling my personal belief's for the almighty dollar. When I am writing here and thinking about current events and how I feel about them I wonder what people that are elected really think about those same issues? Could a dollar amount sway a persons life long raising and character?

Pick an issue and there is a lobbyist out there to pay your elected official tons of cash to their re-election campaign from any direction possible. I heard once that there are more people working for lobbyist in Washington D.C. than there are government workers. That scares me. How do you get good government if only the people that have something to sell have all the influence? The answer is pretty don't.

Forward your concerns via email or letter to your state Senator or Congressman. Ask a question that pertains to you and see what you get back for a reply. I'm still waiting on my Senator and I sent it months ago. For the record, auto replies don't count where they tell you how very busy they are and can't respond to every email or letter. They are there because we voted for them. No reply is a snub and what they are all about now a days. If they can't answer to you then who are they answering too? Just for giggles and laughs, mail two letters at the same time and sign the other one with a prominent family surname in your area. See which one you get back first and you decide if your vote is up for sale?

Elections are nice sound bites of what they are told you want to hear. When they get there it is another story for another day.

Worcester, MA
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