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Friday, March 17, 2006

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The feeding frenzy of politics is on the move devouring the President and anyone associated with him. I feel bad for our President because he was honestly dealt a hand of cards that he didn't know how to play. He had Aces in his hand but the deck was against him and all the folks in the congress. If this was a game of Texas hold em he played his hand as best he could. The flop burned him and he never knew when to fold. Same mistake just a different administration. He was all in and that was the game he was stuck with. His political chips were sacraficed and he is taking everyone of his people with him.

The chips are the kids coming home in pieces or caskets and he still thinks he is right. Some times I think he is right and other times I know he isn't. When you want to fight a war you don't cut veterans benefits? You don't ask for tax cuts when there is a war to pay for? Never has there been a tax cut in time of war in all of our countries history. Never! Makes you want to ask who is in the ear of the President of the United States? Then again, Exxon just posted record profits, you are paying through the nose for gasoline and oil that comes from the gulf of Mexico and Canada for troubles thousands of miles away.

There was a reason Bill Clinton stayed away from middle east problems and fights, they have always been there and will be there one thousand years from now. The heat is killing them and they just don't know better enough to get the hell out of the sun.

Iraq will only see a democracy if the people that want it fight for it. That is a freedom you have to want to fight for. Big Brother can't give it to you. It has to be in your heart. Till that time comes, they will kill anyone and everyone that tries to force it down thier throat. The region just isn't ready for it. Our President tried to fight the good fight but the cards just are not going his way.

Tell me what you think?

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Blogger Patrick said...

The President was "not" honestly dealt a hand of cards he did not know how to play. He followed almost to the letter a strategy put forth in a document originally sent to former President Bill Clinton in 1998 called The Project for a New American Century "PNAC". Read it for yourself and note the authors and signers of the document are a large part of this presidents administration.

The part that speaks to their agenda needing a new Pearl Harbor incident to rally the people behind them begs to wonder if what happened on 9/11 was possibly allowed to happen given the warnings the administration had received (PDB entitled Bin Laden determined to strike inside the United States).

11:01 AM  

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