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Monday, March 06, 2006

Fallen Soldiers Funerals

Patriot Guard Riders

I saw a story about protestors of killed soldiers in the war tonight on CNN. Protesting a funeral of a soldier popped a nueron or two in my head that told my brain something isn't right here. Who in thier right mind would do that to a family in mourning? It just didn't make sense to me.

I buried my own father who was a decorated purple heart Veteran of WWII that went on to serve again for Korea and that was a tough day for me. My Dad was seventy three when Alzhiemers finally took him away but he had lived a good life, raised seven kids and buried our Mom the love of his life. He was one of the lucky ones that survived and lived his life to the fullest that he could. Would someone of protested my fathers service to his country? Would someone see this man that was a medic in the United States Navy and attached to the Marines that he saved on Iwo Jima as a war monger? Never thought that it could have happened. Dad's service was blessed with a tribute from the local Veterans Post, the Navy sent a crew to pass the flag of our country to me and I was thankful for that.

So here comes this religious group that wants to desecrate and spread hate at a families worst moment in life. Burying a loved one, a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister, a husband, a wife, a father, or even a mother. They pretty much say that God hates them or us or our military because of one reason or the other but it all pretty much comes down that God apparently hates homosexual people? CNN actually quoted him as saying this "You can't preach the bible without preaching the hatred of God.". So they show up at these families funerals with a message of hate to do exactly what? Spread hate? Wait it gets better, the leader is a Pastor of a church. Tell me that this is a military oxymoron? So I wonder if this guy has God on speed dial or has his 1-800 number because I would like to get hold of it and ask a few questions myself. He must because he is pretty sure what he is doing is the right thing. I'm not mentioning his name for a reason. I don't want his name found on my blog through any search engine.

This clown of a Pastor is not a man of God in my interpertation of what someone that chooses that vocation in life is or should be practicing. He is a hypocrite in the worst sense. He is a coward and a person that should be rightfully shunned by all. Be you Democrat or Republican, Catholic or Protestant, Hindu or Atheist, Baptist or Lutheran, Jew or Islam, Conservative or Liberal, Green or Libertarian, Independant or who gives a damn? This kind of hate has no place in The United States of America. That is what these funerals are all about and what these brave souls died for in all of our service. And yet they also died for the right of this idiot and his clan of muggers to be able to do what he is doing. Showing up with signs that read "God hates your tears". Freedom of speech.

So along comes a group of folks I absolutely love. The Patriot Guard Riders. This is a class act that nobody could ever take anything from them. They are a group of bikers that are invited by the families of our fallen soldiers to run interference of the protestors during the funeral. Non-Violent mind you. Nobody gets hurt from what I know and have read. They travel hundreds of miles and some of them thousands of miles to be there for a fallen soldier's family. I don't know if they do it at their own expense but I would imagine most of them do. Whatever reason they do it for I thank them for it and wish them many blessings and my prayers for the continued work they all do. What do you know, maybe God has his own messengers and they ride a hog. If you really think about it, how would God send his own soldiers in todays world? Interesting philisophical thought there.

Let me know what you think?

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