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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Immigration common sense...

Does anyone in Washington D.C. have any common sense? Now I am just guessing that the big huff and puff is not about all of the Canadian's trying to sneak over the border and more about our southern borders. So they manage to come together on a compromise of plans and solutions that make no sense. If you've been an illegal immigrant over five years you have to pay back taxes and a fine of a couple thousand dollars and then get a green card? It gets better, if you have been here less than five years you have to go back to the border and pay a fine and back taxes and hope that they let you in to get at the back of the line to be in the country.

Is it just me or is this just more incentive not to do it legally? Now I was born here and I don't have that kind of cash or credit to afford five years back taxes or a couple thousand dollars in fines. On top of it all I would have to start from scratch when my life is already in progress to a better world for my family. Lets really think about it... ya this whole thing is destined for failure. You think they could have offered up a plan that didn't penalize immigrants for wanting the American dream? Be realistic about it. If there are twelve million illegal immigrants here already, I would guess that only a handful of the ones that have really made it financially could afford the joke that is being talked about becoming law.

If they wanted to talk about the realistic way of doing this it eventually has to come to some kind of amnesty plan. How else are you going to get them to fully participate in our systems and laws? Telling them it is going to cost you upwards of ten grand to be here legally is a bad joke. In all honesty who is kidding who? They are here already, they are not going away so somebody has to have some common sense about illegal immigration.

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