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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Our President lied

Check out the news and see what else is wrong with our leaders. Right from the White House comes news today that they new ahead of their spin about the mobile weapons trucks that they were not "Mobile Weapons Trucks"? Somebody leaked the Plame identity which is a crime but our leaders wanted to get to the bottom of it and see that someone was punished for it. They leaked it for personal attack against the people speaking the truth. How many spins have we as a people had stuffed down our throats as the truth for the war in Iraq? Right now all of it points to the President and that is a sad day for this country. Time will only tell how many lies he gave to justify what he wanted to get done. History and the Presidency he had will not look well for him no matter what he does now and that is something we all should be concerned about. It will not bode well for those that put him there either. Right now the future of our country is in jeaopardy if you really think about it.

How do you maintain a super power of the world if all that comes from that goverment is lies and mis-truths. Corruption on multiple levels so far and deep that you could not find a prosecutor willing to take it on? It seems like the whole system is broke and no matter how many media agencies report just that it doesn't matter. If you can not trust what they tell you and it is found out not to be true then how far away are we as a country of becoming the next former USSR? Makes you wonder. Our government is only as good as the checks and balances the founding fathers put in place and that is the next step that our leaders need to take. Stop the lies and get the truth out because that is the only thing that will keep us all free.
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