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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Mass Healthcare Tax

It’s nice that our state leaders have taken the time to seriously look at healthcare for all of our citizens. Personally, I think we really needed it. If you have ever needed to go to the emergency room then you would see the wave of people that use that service for all their healthcare needs. We need to do something to fix the problem. People need other options to get treated and cared for medically.

So all the folks down in Boston came up with a plan. Everyone gets care and everyone pays except the people making under ten grand a year. That works for me or does it? Here is the low down guts of the plan.

If you have health insurance and are in the middle class then you should not see any increases in your premiums. If you are in the lower class then health insurance plans will be made available to you for a scaled premium. If you have a job and are over that ten grand minimum salary and choose to not take the coverage then you will pay a tax penalty of up to one grand per year. HOLD THE PRESSES!

Basically, they just slammed the lower working class of the state with a mandated tax no matter how you look at it. Who would have thought our legislature would think of that? It gets better. Governor Romney (R) who is pro business and what good upstanding Republican isn’t has a problem with the new plan. If you are a business that can afford health coverage for your employees but do not then you pay a penalty of $294 to the state. He want’s to axe that part. But it is okay to slam poor Joe Sixpack making eight bucks an hour at the widget factory? So this is just another tax on the lower working class disguised as healthcare.

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