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Monday, April 10, 2006

Immigration...again already

Watching the news you would think that this issue is top on the minds of all the people in Washington to get something that works passed. The country is alive and debating the issue and wants our leaders to do something about it. Be that one direction or the other. The protestors and people concerned are out on the streets from Boston to San Fransisco and right down into the Texas border cities. They are not just Mexicans or South American people but Asian and Middle Eastern, Indian from India, Pakistani, Europeans, English and Irish, Polish and Canadians. They are people from all walks of life that just want to live and prosper amongst us and who can really blame them. The damn system is broken and nobody wants to admit it. People think it is like going down to the office to get your car registered or a liscense for your dog but it is nothing like that. Would you wait five years to get your car on the road? Immigrants to this country sometimes wait longer than that legally to become a citizen. Does anyone in Washington have a clue as to what this is really all about? They simply don't get it.

That is where we end up with this issue. Washington is to busy thinking about protecting their own asses for re-election to truly devote the time to immigration this year. This whole scenario will pass without any legislation because that is the easy route to take. All the folks that have their lives up in the air and worried if their American born children will have a mother or father home to support them deported are for nought. Sit back, relax, have a friend over and talk about the future because this Congress has no intentions of touching this third rail. That is what you call the end of the day for a Congress that faces an overthow of its self serving ideology.

I welcome my friends and contributors to our society that are immigrants. Be you legal or illegal you make a difference to our world and you play a part in what is the greates experiment ever acheived. That is what America is and will alway be, the great experiment. Toss in some rebels and some loyalist and you have a non stop revolution that expects and demands nothing less but change with every generation.

God Bless America,
and all her immigrants from any shore
Worcester, MA
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