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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Abramoff or the GodFather?

Is it just me or does it seem like this Abramoff guy was the GodFather of political lobbyist in Washington D.C.? Every time I read something about him it reminds me of that covert language you see in the Mafioso movies. Somebody is going to be sleeping with the fishes if we don’t get what we want. Nobody speaks in direct terms as to what they are truly doing but circumvents that lingo to pass the general idea. These are some terms and definitions I’ve made up that could have been used in the underworld of our nations capitol.

Bust some knee caps - Offer more cash to stimulate agreement.
Sleeping with the fishes – Congressional underling should be demoted
Six feet under - We need this legislation buried in committee.
An offer they can’t refuse – Huge campaign contribution.
The juice is running – Congressional fact finding trip.
Hitting the Mattresses – Block the Democrats.
Young Turk’s busting a move – New politician or lobbyist
Take a walk – Avoiding sensitive ears on the hill.
Friend of ours – Introduction of one on the take to another.
Double Decker Coffin – Attaching your lobbyists needs onto a spending bill.
Let the rat out – Leaking to the press.

The list goes on and I look forward to your additions to it…. Please feel free to link this page on your website or you might find the pony in your bed….
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