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Monday, April 17, 2006

Moving Van's needed!

Moving Vans Spotted

It looks to me like the Chief of Staff at the White House has thought about giving out some eviction notices. Seeing how there really hasn’t been much excitement at old 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and the dibs challenges for Andy Cards leftover office supplies are done, Josh Bolten has started looking at rent receipts and he isn’t to happy. Seems that some of the folks on the old staff have been reviewing and updating their resumes and Josh has caught them red handed. He knows that they did it on George’s time too because of all the missing W’s in the resumes. (See Clinton staff takes W’s from all White House keyboards)

Now it doesn’t surprise me that a shake up is coming but it does surprise me that it was let known so quickly? Josh goes into the first meeting and lets it sail that if you were thinking of leaving before the end of the year please make up your mind now and fast track it. Don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out either!

I bet you any amount of money that old Don Rumsfeld swallowed hard at that point. He feels as much job security right now as Brown did at FEMA. As you recall, the President was highly confident in his abilities to handle the crisis during and after the hurricanes. Wait a minute, he pulled a Kerry on that and canned him didn’t he?

Well I’ve begun cutting out all the coupons from the phone book for moving companies in the DC area and I’m mailing them off today. I’ve got twenty so far clipped and ready to go. I hope I have enough? All that confidence floating around down there we just might have to take up a collection for all those poor displaced federal workers in the President’s Cabinet.
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