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Saturday, April 15, 2006

The war in Iraq

Seeing the latest news on the war in Iraq and the enemy leaders in Al Queada or whoever or however it is spelled today is troubling to me. It surprises me to no end that it took all of these brilliant journalist and "analysts" to figure out that the enemy is a rag tag bunch of thugs with no center of control. There is no true leader in the opposing force of the war. There is nothing but factions of extremists that have their own cause and bitch going on and that is their entire reason to fight. Nobody is running the whole show in the big picture from the opposition! It took them all this time for the media to figure that out?

Osama Bin Laden is dead, probably has been for over a year or two. Power and leadership is like a drug, you have to have more and you have to be known. He's dead. Osama has been absent for too long to be a factor in this war. The number two guy is a political extremist that just wants others to die for his cause and he is loosing his grip on what is truly his cause. He has no more control over his minions than you do on allowing cockroaches into your home. He is just a man with a microphone and the media is far to willing to give him time on the air. His days of leading are done, all the splintered groups are now the forefront of our little war. How do you fight that?

A friend of mine who immigrated from Iran wrapped it all up in a nutshell. They live in the desert, they are hot and miserable and they don't eat right. They don't get enough protein in their diet to stimulate normal thoughts. They are all just nuts from the heat and they are hungry for some kind of meat.

Think about it for a minute?

The middle east nations are and will always be a group of nations and people that will fight amongst themselves. It has been going on for thousands of years and will continue to be just that. It all comes down to one line of thought. How much of this piece of pie is really in our best interest? Do we as a nation want to be the heavy handed policeman in the region? If so then how long are we willing to do so? Liberty and freedom is not in their cultures mindset. Look at the history of the region and it shows itself over and over again. Only absolute rule by a dictator or self proclaimed monarchy will ever work there.

One exception to the rule is Israel. They are the only seed for democracy in the entire region.
Iraq will never be the seed if the people can not grasp the what and how a true government by the people for the people is all about. They just do not want it enough for it to work for their nation.

Think about it some more?

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