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Monday, April 17, 2006

Mid-Term Elections

Checking on websites regarding the possibility of the Republicans losing control of the the house and senate are outright confussing. One site tells you that the Democrats could easily pull it off and take more seats than they need for control. Then the flip side is the Democrats don't have enough steam built up to overcome the Republicans at all.

I spotted on one of the webistes and interesting piece comparing the percentages of voters that cast a ballot for Bush in 2000 and 2004 and based on that statistic alone the Republicans will hold the firm on the election. One problem with that theory is that Bush could not get elected dog catcher in any of those districts today never mind President?

This is just a friendly reminder that you should keep an open mind to all possibilities come the elections. The spin cycle is just cranking up and it hasn't even hit the turbo charge yet. It's going to be really funny to see all of these folks on both sides of the isle blaming one another for all the problems with the country. You get the hardliners that practically spit when they have to appear on a show with an opponents hardliner. When the spitting starts you have two kinds of hosts, one that lets the spittle fly and the one that cuts the microphones. It's almost as good as pro wrestiling.

One thing is certain, there will be some upsets and some real surprises because when it all comes down to it, just the folks are voting. Everybody do a wallet check and see which way the wind is blowing? Hmmm, which party took less out of here the last time? Pick the devil you do know or the one you don't know? Either way and you still are going to end up with less than when we started.
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