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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Lame Duck Bush

President Bush has spent all of his political capital and he is shooting blanks right now. He could fire or replace everyone in his administration and it will not matter. All the lies and all the corruption in his own party have placed him in the same place as Queen Elizabeth of England, dog and pony show.

Ask yourself this question. How does a President of the United States with approval ratings in the lower thirty percent range have a pulpit to dictate an agenda? The answer is simple. He does not. He no longer has the trust of the houses of government. Even his own party is running as far and fast as they can from him. That in itslelf tells you where he is politically.

What do we do from here then? You have to wonder who is going to replace this administration and place us back in the world agenda? Who is going to offer a new ideology that is going to place us as a country back in the world? What candidate is going to offer trust and honesty?

Time will tell. For the time being we have moving vans at the White House and a never ending spin as to who is right and who is wrong. All the time America slips into the void of power gone bye. New leaders are just around the corner and the people will speak when they vote. That is what I love about our country, we speak with our votes.

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