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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Abramoff Factor

Arrogance and Corruption

I’ve been catching bits of information on the Abramoff dealings with our government officials in the news. This guy was beyond arrogant in his dealings. The people he was dealing with saw nothing but the perks of associating themselves with him. Rub my back and I’ll rub yours blatantly out in the open tactics that if there was a smoke detector that went off whenever improper dealings were afoot it would have died from exhaustion. Fancy dinners, box seats for all kinds of sporting events, golf trips that cost tens of thousands of dollars and the list goes on.

The one fact that keeps on coming up is that not a single one of the people he dealt with thought they were doing anything wrong? That tells you volumes on the ideology running rampant in our government. That in itself is going to be a factor when the next round of elections come up. Credibility is lost for the most part for the Republicans. You could have been above the board and honest as the day is long through all of the Abramoff dealings and it will not matter. In the back of peoples mind will be that little question. How much were you involved with him?

I think that we can seriously consider throwing out the incumbent factor when trying to formulate who will be re-elected and who is cast out by the Abramoff factor come November. The more information to come out over the next few months and the arrogance of that corruption will be a multiplier for all the equations.
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