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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

China Visit to U.S.

The current visit of President Hu of China to the United States is an important step forward for the world and their country. That is what is needed is simple steps. Like it or not China is becoming a world leader in trade and its own economy is bursting at the seems. That economic engine is feeding on the simplist of needs for the consumers of the world. Make a product for the cheapest amount and the world will buy it.

Some people would say that it is a lop sided economy benefiting only the few while the many languish in poverty just blocks away. I saw a piece on Sixty minutes or Nightline a few months back and it showed just those facts. It was a good news program for one side of thier multi tiered countries issues.

Business in China is opening up to outside sources as well as from within. Many American companies have large interest in China today that didn't even exist five years ago. Most people don't know that one of the largest growing financial markets of the world is in China. The government of China is slowly selling off its interests in manufacturing companies. How do the people that run these factories get the capitol to buy the companies? They offer stock to the world. Check the financial markets here in the United States and see for yourself. These are small steps that are being taken to push the economy off the back of the government and into the peoples own hands. One interesting thought to what these new owners do with the profits is that they re-invest and expand operations. That is a step that eventually leads to employee participation which leads to employee benefits which leads to human rights slowly expanding.

All these steps that are being taken are steps more in line with a country that wants to be part of the world and not isolated from it. With each step comes change. Change is slow. Nobody would have ever believed you in 1972 if you said that China would be an economic bull in a China closet in 2006.

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