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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Cheney Disses Colin Powell

A friend once told me that you need to watch out for people that could turn on you when things get rough. Dick Cheney, the former Vice President turned on former military leader, former Secretary of State, and former confidant of the White House, Colin Powell. Politically, Cheney would go to bat for Rush Limbaugh first over Colin Powell, the same Rush Limbaugh who never served in our nations military, never held a public office, and would bite the hand that feeds him if it works for his entertainment talk radio network. Um, Mr. former Vice President, you just slapped every man and woman that served in our armed forces upside the head? One has to wonder how Cheney thinks, decorated military and life long public servant versus a blow hard aleged addict of prescription drugs. Cheney still goes for the aleged drug addict?

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Need I mention that Dick Cheney never served in our nations military but condoned tactics that could be used against our own troops if torture is justified? And it was under his watch! It only takes a swipe of a pen and a signature to authorize anything in defense of America but the consequences of thinking that you are right just because you say you are is way off of the foundation of what our nation was and is built on. Thank God that nothing ever happened to President Bush where Cheney would have moved up the ladder. Cheney would have nuked all of Iraq in a heart beat even though our troops were stationed there. His logic for doing so would be for the betterment of democracy, as long as you don’t agree with his definition of it.

Walk over to this side of the aisle Colin Powell, you get a hug and a way to go for being an American that believes we have a moral obligation to humanity.


My thanks to Think Progress for the hat tip…

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Blogger Joseph M. Fasciana said...

History will not be kind to Cheney. He personifies all that is evil in politics.

His personal bio along with his public record on policy making, and his complete disregard for the Constitution will bring these matters to light in the not so distant future.



11:27 PM  
Anonymous MLJ said...

You forgot to mention that Mr. Cheney and Mr. Limbaugh have something in common: they both got deferments during the bad years of "boom-boom" Vietnam.

Those not of draftable age at that time cannot imagine the fear and anger over the draft. It wasn't fear of dying, but fear of dying for nothing. So Rush had a cyst on his ass and Dick got a number of deferments...enough to slide him over the worst of Lyndon Johnson's demand for more of "our boys" to fight and die in order to satisfy his ego.

People lament the loss of World War II vets every day, but never think about the constant and comfortable bubbles of chickenhawks whose mouths always hold more courage than their hearts.

Mark Twain once asked, "Why is it that physical courage is so common and moral courage so rare?"

Powell has both. Cheney and The Blimp have neither.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous del patterson said...

This former Marine says, "screw Limbaugh" and arrest Limbaugh for drug abuse.

I believe in the check and balance of the two party system. We need it now. But these two clowns are not leaders, they are demagogues. History is full of demagogues who sent millions to death over their ideologies.

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Frodo, sellin' Oxycontin said...

Frodo would like to nominate Wanda Sykes as the next Congressperson from Wyoming. By the way, is Frodo the only one who has not forgotten Limbaugh's reign as the "King of Monday Night Football?" Methinks Donovan McNabb remembers.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Frodo selling Oxycontin... ROFLMFAO!

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He was asked a question an answered it. I guess if the question were" Who would you want for a general",then Colin Powell would have been the logical answer.But that wasn't the question.
Why would he pick someone who switched parties(for reasons we can only guess)want him when Rush Limbaugh and his listeners share more of the same conservative views
as Cheney.
And why is it when someone offers their actual views there is no debate just "Cheney is an asshole and Limbaugh is a drug addict"? Good way to avoid the discussion.
We can always depend on media and some bloggers to add their usual "twist".
Maybe shows like Deface the Nation should stop inviting Cheney on . Do they really care what he has to say or is it they have to keep up the same rhetoric they have for the past 8 years to make them look bad so people believe what they are told. We might as well live in Venezuela or China if they are going to report things the way thy want it perceived.
But then why change after 8 years of doing what they've been doing.
Only in the democrat party can we have crooks like Dodd,Frank and Geitner still being in office.

2:57 PM  

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