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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Supreme Court Pick

Speculation is running rampant for President Obama’s replacement choice for Justice David Souter of the Supreme Court. Justice Souter was appointed by former President Daddy Bush and he shocked the hell out of the right wing thinkers when it turned out he was a liberal leaning and thinking justice. That was a big surprise, a lawyer from Vermont? A state that makes Mass-a-two-sticks look almost right wing in political thinking.

Over the past couple of years the Supreme Court of the United States of America (SCOTUS) has been tilted to the right side of the political and literal definition of our laws and now is the time to swing the pendulum back toward the center. Former President Bush not only went for the most conservative of thought appointees but he then went one better and moved his nominee, Justice Roberts, up to the position of running the courts agenda. You might recall that Justice Roberts was the guy giving the oath to President Elect Obama on inauguration day and screwed up the oath of office so they had to do a do over just to make sure it was legit later.

I don’t envy the President for this decision but I honestly believe that he should pick a liberal woman of minority descent for the seat on the highest court in the land. My reasoning for such a pick is to include the majority of the American population in our judicial processes and to replace the arguments offered by former Justice Susan Day O’Connor. Not to sound sexist but ladies like to go to the little girls room in pairs to powder their nose and Justice Ginsberg has been flying solo far to long.

Politically, appointing a minority woman to the bench would consolidate and confirm to moderate, liberal, and some right wing woman voters that equality and the peoples real voice will be heard at the SCOTUS. Many people, including yours truly, honestly do not believe that the SCOTUS is living in the real world. The world that is happening in our courts every single day is not what many of the current Justices have ever seen. In picking a minority woman candidate of untouchable character and having her voice part of the decision that is the third arm of our government could only be a good thing. In doing so it would strip the right wing of many potential voters in the 2010 election and ensure a Democrat majority in the House and Senate. This isn’t the last candidate for the SCOTUS President Obama will have either. I’m betting that in the next eight years President Obama will have three or more seats to fill on the Supreme Court. Did I mention he should pick a fairly young minority woman? Someone that can pull off twenty to thirty years on the bench. This a lifetime appointment that you do not get a do over on.

After all is said and done, even picking a Justice for the Supreme Court is always politics at its best and worst depending on what side of the aisle you vote.


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