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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Huckabee - GOP Derailment Eminent

Former Governor and Presidential candidate Mike (I love Fox News) Huckabee is warning the GOP flock that they are at the crossroads of extinction as a political species. His theory or thesis of the ultimate evolution end result of his political party is based on the fact that the GOP can not ignore the extreme right wing of the Republican Party. If you need to know who good old Reverend Mike is talking about I can explain it for you. All of the folks that were screaming out hate at the John McCain for President rallies. You might recall those nice folks that suggested that then Senator Obama was a Muslim, the folks that offered to buy the rope to hang him from the nearest tree, and the folks that believed that George W. Bush was God’s gift to America.

Here is what the Governor or Reverend has to say about the GOP and evolution but he doesn’t really believe in evolution so… Um, here is what he had to say over at CNN…

From CNN Ticker Producer Alexander Mooney

Huckabee says the GOP must not lose social conservatives.

(CNN) — Days after national Republicans launched a new campaign to broaden the party's outreach, former upstart presidential candidate Mike Huckabee says the GOP is at risk of becoming "irrelevant as the Whigs."

In an interview with the California newspaper The Visalia Times-Delta, Huckabee said the GOP would only further decline in influence should it alienate social conservatives — largely considered the most energetic and loyal faction of the party.

"Throw the social conservatives the pro-life, pro-family people overboard and the Republican party will be as irrelevant as the Whigs," he said in reference to the American political party that largely disbanded in the mid 1800s.

"They'll basically be a party of gray-haired old men sitting around the country club puffing cigars, sipping brandy and wondering whatever happened to the country. That will be the end of the party," he said in the interview published Thursday.

Just between you and I, I honestly think that Reverend Huckabee has been hitting the sauce if you know what I mean. His reason for hitting the sauce hard is most likely due to the fact that he sees the railroad wreckage that is the Republican Party today. The party of “NO!” is barreling down a dead end track and at the end is a cliff that there is no return from. The GOP is past the point where they could have jumped off the runaway train but instead they tossed more coal into the boiler and tore the handle off of the break. Just ask Rush Limbaugh (I am the King of the GOP) as he so valiantly tossed Colin Powell off of the train this week to safety into a bed of roses planted by moderate Democrats along the tracks. Arlen Specter of PA jumped off the train himself but that was only because he dropped his paycheck while on a smoking break.

This leads me to wonder what common sense Republican or moderate right wing voters are thinking? If I were in their shoes, and I’m not, I would be pissed as hell over the hi-jacking that has been going on since the November election of the Republican Party.

I seem to recall that Senator John McCain was the Republican candidate for President and not Rush Limbaugh or Mike Huckabee, or any other blow hard with a microphone. I seem to remember that many moderate Democrats liked John McCain but at the last minute just couldn’t vote for him based on the “Antics” of his rally supporters. I also recall very well a Republican Party that was imploding on itself under “I am the Deciderer”, George W. Bush. A leader that coined the phrase “You are either with us or against us” and then proceeded to ignore the very same laws he swore on the holy bible to defend. President Bush wasn’t alone in this adventure of unbridled political passion to manipulate and bastardize the Constitution, Dick Cheney was there, so was Tom Delay, so was Denny Hastert, Trent Lott, Scooter Libby, Jack Abramoff and the list of possible and actual indictments goes on and on. There wasn’t a Democrat drug dealer enticing them to break the law, they did it of their own volition.

I just need to be clear in my thoughts here, Democrats, Liberals, or even Moderate voters from both parties did not bring about the demise of the GOP, the leaders of the political party did. And they were voted out of power in America for it.

*****GUN TOTING LIBERAL has a very unique and must read second amendment look at this same issue.

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Blogger B.J. said...

Extinction was just a matter of time, because Republicans really do eat their young. There is a Greek warrior in Visalia, California – known to Frodo and me – who surely enjoyed reading that interview in his local newspaper. BJ

9:20 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

I'm just amazed BJ that the right wing extremist have been able to pull it off and piss off so many people in their own political party. It just baffles my mind and it is going to get worse before it gets better for them and that is what scares me. We need opposing arguements to offset a one party system that can go extremely wrong for America. Ergo George W. Bush and company. I don't want to see our side of the political aisle get cocky with power and think that they too are above the law.

10:23 PM  
Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Amen, with your blog and amen with your comment, Papamoka. While I detest the crackpot element of the GOP and wish it would die a terrible death, I can't help but feel bad for the country overall if the GOP itself should crumble. In order for a vibrant, vital democracy to flourish we need checks and balances in the system and that means at least two viable parties to keep things in order. I've blogged a couple of times about this very topic myself and I think while we should be glad to see the hucksters and fiends perish politically, we need to have something else to fill in the void to replace them before they go.

11:04 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

We are more than glad to see a friendly face Zirgar and more than willing to exchange permanent site links with ya. I have to tell ya, you my friend have a great site and a must read.

Let me know if we can link up my friend!

Just a thought Zigar, some of the readers here are visually impaired and the black background on your site is hard to read even for me on as an old son of a biscuit eater visiting your site. Just an opinion and you can toss it to the wind if you like. Blog on and rock on my friend!

11:24 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Zirgar, you have my twin brother GTL on your sidebar and not Papamoka? Hmmmmmmmmmm LOL!

11:50 PM  
Blogger David said...

I don't know if I go along with the suggestion that moderate Democrats who would have voted for McCain did not do so "at the last minute" because of what his supporters were up to. Once the economic meltdown occurred, I think the die was cast.

But I absolutely agree that the Republican leadership in Congress was the "enabler" for George W. Bush and shares responsibility for the calamity. If the Republicans persist in their ideological purging, they will find themselves on the short end of a very long stick -- similar to the one the Democrats enjoyed under Kennedy and Johnson in the 1960s.

2:33 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Zirgar's blog is FINE for the visually impaired. BJ

4:46 AM  
Blogger ZIRGAR said...

Papamoka, I'm sorry that my site causes any reading problems, but I put it on the black background because I personally have a much easier time reading something on a dark background, which is why the internet can give me headaches from time to time. lol. I'll check into seeing if I can find a suitable alternative though. Thanks for the input! I will link you up, as it were. And thanks for the compliments!

7:44 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Well thanks Zirgar and we will return the courtesy.

8:59 AM  
Blogger B.J. said...

Well, Papamoka, you must be doing something right. The "Freepers" have arrived. The comment by "anonymous" measures 47 pages on 10-point font. Good luck, buddy. BJ

10:29 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

It's a rare occasion for me to delete any comments here but Anonymous more or less posted his or her rants over the past couple of months and that isn't happening here. That is known as mega SPAM!

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Infidel753 said...

One sign that the far right knows they're losing the argument is that they're afraid to use honest language.

"Social conservative" is code for gay-hating, forcing women to carry unwanted pregnancies to term, and pretending that creationism deserves respect. Those things are what they really care about. Everything else is window dressing. And our society is now advanced enough that that agenda is now a permanent loser. It's a dead weight clinging to a drowning Republican party.

If the Republican party dumps "social conservatism" and returns to a secular conservative agenda (which, even if one disagrees with it, is at least rationally debatable), the party will lose a lot of Christian Right voters, but it will have some chance of gaining ground in the center. If it doesn't, it will be marginalized as a party of crackpots.

That's what Huckabee and his ilk truly fear: the realization the GOP may not become irrelevant -- but they, the "social conservatives", will, whether they take the party down with them or not.

2:46 PM  
Blogger B.J. said...

AMEN, I-753!

4:14 AM  

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