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Monday, May 04, 2009

The Bush Legacy of Lies and Corruption

Hello Papamoka Readers! While the rest of America reels from dishonest war and one of the greatest economic catastrophes since the Great Depression, super rich Republicans have been showing their disgusting affection for George W. Bush by helping him raise over $100 million in just over 100 days for that abomination of a library he plans at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

It would appear that he and his team are continuing in their quest to sell lies to gullible historians who may one day attempt to repackage his presidency, and the library will be the cornerstone of that sales pitch.

It also appears the richest of the rich, who tended to do very well under Bush at the expense of the rest of us, have come to his aid. The financial backers of the 43rd president have honored the "Don of Dallas" with enough money to provide a decent home for his criminal papers and presidential keep-sakes.

As usual GOP hypocrisy is ripe. Republicans have been screaming bloody murder ever since President Clinton opened his library using confidential donations. The Bush fundraising effort has even more suspicious origins. Time Magazine reports how many unnamed donors were nervous and uncomfortable giving, and demanded privacy. What does that sound like to you? To me, it sounds like "dirty money," extortion, or blackmail! I hear it's a Bush family specialty.

Presidential libraries are very scary things. Ex-presidents, unburdened by campaign finance regulations, phone their old cronies to tap them for thousands if not millions of dollars - it's payback time assholes! That must be a fun phone call to get. It's a disgusting modern American spectacle. Billion dollar campaigns aren't enough anymore, so now we have cranky old presidents calling in their chips from all over the WORLD! The rotten libraries are nothing but museums of spin, built on the dirty money using suspicious IOUs.

Bush's 100 co-chairs from every state represent a veritable who's who of American greed. They are his oldest and richest financial backers - a mafia-like inner circle of greed first, country second if you ask me. They may try to look patriotic, but the bulk of them would sell us all for a nickle if given the chance. Oh yes, they had a chance, and did just that over the past eight years or so. They are most likely the core constituency of those who destroyed the middle-class economy, while their supporters waved American flags and trusted in their BS!

The final $300 million project will represent the largest private propaganda institute since Carnegie set about trying to refashion his image. The bad news is that, just like with Carnegie, money talks - and often obscures the truth. The good news is that there are always true historians who print the facts.

Carnegie is still thought by many to be a financial tyrant and murderer - there is plenty of evidence, if you consider the way he put labor at risk and hired thugs to enforce his rules. History was not white washed, despite the libraries and music halls. So, there's hope that no matter what the Bush family does, the Bush library and propaganda will have little effect. Hopefully, despite all efforts, Bush will be remembered for the horrible and despicable things he did.

Groundbreaking for the library is set for November of next year, and the organizers hope to dedicate and open the doors in early 2013. I'm not so naive as to think that Bush will be denied his library, but I do hope it becomes a huge white elephant, a boondoggle, or even a national joke. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Let's hope it will embarrass the GOP, Texans (I know, unlikely), and those who support the Bush crime family.

Let's all hope it becomes one more Bush failure!

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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Blogger Papamoka said...

It would be idiotic to me to deny the former President his "Library" and version of history, it would also be wrong for me to not know that his Presidency was the worst possible that ended in an economic crisis. I'm just guessing but I would tend to think that his donor list looks like this... Exxon $99,000,000 and RNC $1,000,000.

Great post bro!!!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Infidel753 said...

A Bush liebrary (spelling intentional) could contain some good stuff. That copy of My Pet Goat, a "signing statement" shelf, a collection of his Bushisms ("people misunderestimate me"), those Park Service pamphlets on the Grand Canyon that left out the fact that it's millions of years old to avoid offending creationists, maybe the "Mission Accomplished" banner if it will fit.....

8:23 AM  
Anonymous del patterson said...

It's time he was charged with war crimes and acts against humanity. Then the money could be put to a useful end.

10:42 AM  
Blogger by Michael Boh said...

PapaM, there had to be a few industrial-military donors. They were such fans. :) Infidel, I LOVE your liebary (I dropped the first r - he never really used it) concept, but I would add a few extra shelves for books about Barney, whatever sports sections he read on the toilet, his crib notes from his meetings with world leaders, and don't forget his teleprompter scripts with the crayon edits. LOL!!!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree.... presidential libraries are obscene. Have been since Harry Trueman (and maybe Ike... I don't know much about the Ike library if it exists).
But why wail on individual ex's? Tack this into your call for everyone contacting their elected officials. I think it'd be a good resolution to say something like... "the govt will buy the land" and then "you can only spend xxx in fundraising money" on the project. It limits this crazy stuff.
If you just want to outlaw private persons from raising money for whatever they want to do... good luck. Methinks it's tilting at windmills.

3:21 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

To Del: Shut the frak up!
To the rest of you liberals who say the same as Del: What in the hell is wrong with all of you!? Drop the war crime bullshit! He was our PRESIDENT. If you didn't like him THAT much you can have done something about it. Hell we almost empeached Clinton or getting a blowjob. But no, you all sat around complaining and not doing anything at all when it was happening, but now that you have your men in office you cry out WAR CRIME WAR CRIME. You disgust me, you are the anti-Americans. Why would you ever EVER try OUR former president for war crimes? And if you want him down, then I say nObama is accessory, and also a war criminal for talking to Hugo, to Iran, for putting more troops into Afghanistan. But nope, you one sided fraks, only Bush and Cheney are criminals, because..because...oh they just are. Yea they didnt just lead us through the toughest times America has seen in decades, they didnt have to defend us after we lost people on 9-11. No, they deserve to be treated like the terrorists who pledge war on all Americans, all Westerners, they are just as bad as Osama bin Laden right? You all make me sick, and make me sad that I swore an oath to defend your freedoms. Get the hell out of America, you have disgraced the flag, our nation, and the uniform I wear to protect your lazy asses.

At least he is building a library, maybe then people can get information on his side of the story instead of your liberal media propoganda crap.

9:25 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

I'll note this, before you shot flak at me.

I am a soldier, I swore an oath. I am more center than I am Republican, but I refuse to let people disgrace our nation.
Our Declaration of Indepence was the first article to say we can overturn the government if we believe it is not working for our best interest. You hated Bush that much, you should have acted out, protest, do anything but just talk. If you didnt act then shut your mouth with the war crime bullshit. I dont wear this uniform to protect cowards who hide behind their party and are only willing to act when they have a whole government to stand behind. Bush had tough choices, he couldnt talk for the life of him, but he kept us safe whether you liberals want to admit it or not. End of line.

9:28 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...


You are on warning. We don't tolerate hate language on this site. It may wash over on your side of the aisel but we and I do not put up with it on this site.

Talk about the issue, discuss it and present your arguement in opposition. That is called debate and the American way! Love it or leave Papamoka Straight Talk.

First warning Dan and this isn't baseball where you get three strikes.

9:41 PM  
Blogger Dan said...

Papa, I respect what you say. It seems that whenever I catch flak, or whenever someone talks down about my party or my beliefs and use harsh language they never get a slap on the wrist. Double standards sometimes I guess.

I will hold my tongue from now on, even when I know either way my voice will be heard by deaf ears.

12:55 AM  

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