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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Free Trade? NO! Fair Trade? YES! Fair Employee Choice? YES!

Good Morning Papamoka Readers! As usual, I have to try and correct the record created by Republican lies. The latest, and most important in my opinion, involves the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) circulating around Congress these days. If you listen to the corporate media and most Republicans, you would think it calls for the destruction of America. Trust me, I've read it, it doesn't.

Most of today's corporate/Republican liars, along with the usual smattering of souls-sold-for-the-right-price, media-hungry talking heads, are out there trying to claim the EFCA would eliminate the "secret ballot" in union authorization elections, which has been a centerpiece in a U.S. Chamber of Commerce-funded anti-union PR campaign against the legislation. As usual with that bunch, it's a LIE!

There are other versions just as disgusting, yet funnier. I especially love the one being mentioned regularly on FOX "News" on how it's unAmerican (what else), and another indication how President Obama and the Democrats are turning the US into the next Soviet Union. Wow! It's obvious just how much homework FOX "News" professionals do. It's either laziness, or they really want the legislation to fail. I wonder, which is it? My guess is they're really not journalists and are full of BS!

Ignoring today's media scum, the truth is the legislation is brief and EASY TO READ and UNDERSTAND. It simply streamlines the union certification process. The text of the act (H.R. 800, 3/2/07) reveals it contains no language about eliminating the "secret ballot" enshrined in the National Labor Relations Act under Section 9 e.

This method of union sign-up, known as "majority sign-up" or "card check," is already recognized under current labor law, but only when the employer approves it. The CHANGE THAT PISSES OFF THE REPUBLICANS is that the EFCA would allow the employees to choose their own process, not the employer. I can't imagine that ordinary Americans, whether union supporters or not, would object to such a change.

The opposition to the bill, comprised mostly of unfair-minded business interests and deceitful, bought-and-paid-for Republicans, seem unconcerned about the plight of everyday, working Americans today. The way I see it, they view most Americans as pawns, useful only as a means to their own selfish ends.

Unions should not be allowed to destroy companies, but at the same time companies should not be allowed to turn American workers into third-world slaves. Unfair, unfettered global competition should not sacrifice the American middle-class at the alter of the free market. Americans have a right to organize if they so choose.

As I always say, the Democrats in Congress need to develop a backbone. They need to grow a pair. They should not allow the Blue-Dogs and the Republicans to derail or delay this critical legislation designed to aid the American worker. Unfortunately, there still aren't enough votes in the Senate to end debate. The Republicans - and their annoyingly obstinate 60-vote strategy - could derail this critical issue, and Americans may suffer even more for the result.

The American economy would only benefit from increased domestic wages, since it provides what's needed most - DOMESTIC BUYING POWER! Please write to your representatives in Washington and encourage them to support the EFCA. Feel free to read the legislation yourself here and make up your own mind.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's Left Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog

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Blogger sue said...

I saw this last night on Keiths show. Isn't it amazing what the repubs can do to twist and distort something so easy to understand, and something of importance to the American worker! What can we do to pound some sense into their thick sculls!

12:00 PM  
Blogger by Michael Boh said...

I always call the Congressional switchboard at 202.224.3121 at least three times over asking for my two Senators (Boxer and Feinstein) and my Congressman (Waxman) to give their offices my brief, yet well considered, opinion. I hope you do the same Sue, as well as everybody else who believes in corporate workplace fairness. :) Michael

3:48 PM  
Blogger by Michael Boh said...

Btw, check out Anon's responses on my blog when you get a chance. I think he/she's a Burson-Marstellar plant of some kind. The arguements seem reprinted or almost committee-like for the typical Anon. They're not personal in any way - spin on spin in my opinion. :)

8:11 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Interesting read my friend and I have to agree with you once more. I swear Fox News is a subsidiary of the RNC.

9:01 PM  

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