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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Democrat Genius and Limbaugh

Is there a better poster child for the GOP than Rush Limbaugh? Granted Mr. Rush has earned his microphone but he had done so on the backs of millions of listeners that listen to a pontificating liar. Rush Limbaugh is forever talking about tax cuts and doom and gloom if business owners don’t get the breaks they need to stay in business. That is all fine and good but what about the people working in those same businesses, for that business owner. Trust me, those tax breaks don’t trickle down when the business owner has a yacht payment, a jet payment, a plethora of houses to support with all the staff they require. Wages do not trickle down in business when one person can benefit more. Wait for the yearly minimum wage increase and be happy that you have a damn job you worthless piece of human existence. If I could translate that into Republicanism it would be "The company isn't doing well, we are facing fierce competition, we are cutting costs wherever we can. At this time we can only offer a ten cent an hour increase but next year we should be able to do better."

In the mind of Rush, workers should be silent like woman should be in his home. Don’t speak until you are spoken to and submit to his almighty will. Ergo his current marital status. Thou shall not rise up and think your life is worth more and can be more. You will cut his lawn, do his laundry, and clean his house because you are grateful that he is all knowing and powerful. Picture yourself married to this idiot and think how miserable your life would be if his world was actually the real world? He’s an idiot with a microphone and if the GOP loves him, they can have him!

I have to give credit to the DNC or the White House for pointing out what a scumbag Rush Limbaugh really is. He isn’t a true friend to anyone that works for a living, works hard and honestly pays the cost to live. His agenda is to keep your wages low, the owner of companies profits high, and his political extremist base content. People need to look at what he says but what is actually the truth. Rush has his millions and the best way for him to make sure that you don’t get part of his millions is to keep you suppressed.

Rush is a good candidate for the GOP poster boy and spokesman and over in the moderate to liberal side of the aisle we don’t mind picking up twenty or more seats in the house and maybe five or six seats in the senate in the next election. Umm…

Never mind everything I said above…

Rush is good! Rush is great! Rush is good! Rush is great!

Oh, what the hell…

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Blogger sue said...

So Right! My son-in-law works for a man who owns practically the whole county with his businesses and real estate, anyway , my s-i-l gets treated like a pile of shit, this man belittles him and treats him very unfairly when it comes to wages and his raises. We have many small type businesses in my area and the rich ownwers don't give a crap about the workers, there is no trickle down!!

4:47 AM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

That is horrible Sue! Your SIL should look for another job. Wow.

5:05 AM  
Blogger sue said...

I know, but today if ya have a job you better just go to work and keep your mouth shut! Thats how the rich treat the little people HA! BTW, I referred this post to a Mormon mommy, she loves Rush, one of her readers even says she wants to marry him UGH!!! She probably won't read it tho, they are so closed-minded LOL!!

6:10 AM  
Blogger The Heaps said...

It's comments like that Sue, that make YOU closed minded!

1:28 PM  
Blogger Jack Jodell said...

The despicable Limbaugh is a dangerous egotist and is delivering his misguided followers into a land of delusion. He is not good for the country. His only redeeming feature is that he so repels independents and moderates that the now very far-right GOP will not be able to dominate or control the national agenda for many years to come. Perhaps we will thus be able to undo the damage done in the Bush years and actually progress once again.

10:01 PM  

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