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Sunday, March 01, 2009

GOP Fear Tactics and Memory Recall

Not that long ago there was an election for President where fear was used as a wedge tool just because one mans skin color was predominant in the Republican campaign for the White House. All of the talking heads were talking about lynching not only the Democrat candidate for President but also his wife. GOP political rallies were loaded with people more interested in hanging a candidate for President than actually listening to what he had to say. Hate was predominant in the rallies and the only political party guilty of using the word “Nigger” was the people attending a GOP rally for one Republican candidate for President. Is that the party you would really want to follow for a lifetime? Do you recall that thought process that the GOP played out over and over again. I could post twenty or more You Tube videos on the topic but I think this one sums it up pretty much from MSNBC and Keith Olbermann…

Video Link

The GOP has been going out of its way to court the minority voters of this nation but they simply can not get past the color of their own skin. They are so lily white Anglo Saxon Protestant that they foresee that America is and should be the land of Hitler and Stalin where no dissent of the party politic is allowed.

This is not an issue to laugh at or think lightly of. Republicans are so upset that they are forcing to the foreground issues that they can not even defend politically. Spokesman of the party are ranting non stop that President Obama is evil for our nation and that his path to recovery is madness. The undoing of America from decades long gone by. Can we not put two and two together that the GOP is begging for anarchist to act up and attack our President if not personally but physically? Limbaugh and his like are actually firing up the minimum percent of the people to actually give harm to our new President and I don’t think for a minute that it is funny. We are still in a state of War and Rush Limbaugh is walking the fine rope of treason against the President.

Limbaugh and his like are rising up the right and all it takes is one nut job listener to repeat the idiocy of the past. I honestly fear for President Obama and his families safety. I pray they will be safe. Our nation needs him now more than ever. Many do not think the way I do though…

Video Link

I wish my President good health just as I did George W. Bush but I’m not to sure the folks on the right side of the aisle think the same way. Scary.

President Obama is calling many men in powerful positions to task and that is a path that needs to be very carefully traveled. In such people he risks raising enemies that even the people that need him most have deaf ears when the almighty dollar is at risk in profit. Greed is the ultimate factor and the GOP is full of it. How many homes does John McCain own? He will get back to us on that.


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Blogger sue said...

once again, my thoughts exactly! Greed and power are what drives the conservative party not God like they want us to believe! They are far from God with their evil agenda against this good and decent Obama family, I also pray for their safety! This country has to see how low the neocons will go, and to even be talking about Baracks birth certificate after all these years! One thing I find confusing, why don't these intelligent blogs get many comments? But then again, I've been to most rightwing hate spewing blogs and there aren't many comments there either. I'll be back to read more from you tho!

8:01 AM  
Blogger Pink Granite said...

I truly cannot understand anyone saying they want President "Obama to fail".
Why would anyone want their country, which they claim to love, to fail???
It makes me angry and sad.

3:16 PM  

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