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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Obama Message on Unemployment

Politics aside, we all need to look to one leader to get us all out of this economic crisis and free fall. Jobs are being lost at record numbers and we need to come together to stop the free fall. Where do we all stop being Liberal and Conservative when it comes to record job losses. America and her people need consensus and somebody to follow other than the message of politicians and talking heads in the main stream media of whom to blame. We have a President, like him, love him, or hate him, he is our President.

George Washington, our first President, he alone faced many trials during the Revolutionary War but one thing was certain, he was the leader of men willing to sacrifice life and liberty for what they and he believed in. Washington put his foot down in the time of crisis in his Presidency for a reason and it was to prove the point that this nation can not survive based on one or two or three political points of view. Leadership comes from being firm, showing confidence, and moving forward regardless of your many detractors. Our President must act as his gut tells him and thus history is made. President Obama needs to do the same and thus he is acting on the best of the American people…

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While the Bush year millionaires are contemplating how much of a donation they should send to his Presidential Library Fund, I wonder if any of them know what it feels like to get a pink slip or told that the company they have worked for loyally can no longer afford their services? The clock is ticking if your state believes in unemployment payments to support your family. If your state doesn’t provide unemployment compensation then you need to find a job where paper or plastic is a common phrase during the work day.


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Blogger Michael J. Bernard said...

if you are looking to Obama--the uber-delegator--for leadership it will be a long wait.

not only is he quite possibly LAZY, but a confirmed narcissist--and milking the crisis to propel his agenda of social spending while dragging his feet on actually addressing the financial crisis.


4:09 AM  
Blogger sue said...

OMG, when are these republicans gonna shut up and give it up! Cantor was on CNN this morning and offered up NOTHING, he beat around the bush and never answered Kings questions. All the while King saying the repubs answer to this is trillions of dollars in tax cuts for corporations and the rich, investing YOUR social security in the STOCK F'IN MARKET, and screwing around with medicare!! Get a life repubs, get off your hateful road to nowhere and start by saying something positive for a change! AND, one thought, since these porkbarrel spending arguments are not going away, how about thinking maybe these can actually put some people to work! Ever thought of that? You must have because you have 40% of them inserted in the budget!

9:40 AM  

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