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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Limbaugh to Republicans on Jindal

President Obama gave his state of the union last night and I came away from it with a sense of hope for our nation. Solid, well thought out plans are coming to the table for discussion in our government to turn the ship that is our economy away from falling off the edge of the world. It will be a discussion that both political parties need to debate and come to a conclusion as to what is best for our people and our children’s future. That is a discussion and political battle that I’m confident our President is capable of surviving with more popularity afterwards than his opponents could ever dream of.

Governor Jindal of Louisiana gave a reply to Presiden’t Obama’s speech and according to most reports, it was a political disaster for the Republican Party across the board. Bobby thinks that the only way to save the economy is through tax cuts much like the ones Bush had endorsed. Bobby thinks that the only way out of this mess is through deregulation of business and giving businesses more credit with the hope that they might hire more workers. Hmm, has this worked the last eight years? Umm, no. Some reports even claim that his speech is being broadly attacked by conservatives and true blue Republicans. You can watch his reply here.

Rush Limbaugh was up in arms and almost spitting mad over the convergence of the press on Governor Jindal. Rush honestly believes that Bobby Jindal is the next Ronald Reagan and I have to disagree. President Reagan came along at a time in this nations history where our patriotism was in question, our national pride was delinquent and lacking, and our people were in dire financial circumstances. As much as I love Reagan, voted for him twice, he was in fact the opposite on what he ran on as a conservative candidate. President Reagan spent money like it was going out of style and in some aspects that did in fact lead to the fall of the Soviet Union after he was out of office. He still spent the money he promised to actually cut out of a wasteful government. President Reagan’s greatest gift was his ability to communicate to the people. You voted for a Chevy but he convinced you after the fact that you deserved a Cadillac and that is what he gave you. America’s sense of pride was back, our military was strong, and our nation was on a path that was bright.

Anywho, here is Rush Limbaugh spitting mad at his own party and calling our President an out right liar…

Video Link

Rush is an ass and he plays the part very well. When he says in the video that Obama prays to himself because he thinks he is God is simply sacrilegious. (Happy Ash Wednesday) When Rush claims to know President Obama, he does not speak the truth because the truth is that Obama and Rush just don‘t agree on many issues and it is far easier to label our President as an Antichrist. That would be the part where he attacks all them pesky atheists in America too. When he claims Bobby Jindal is the next Ronald Reagan, he is mistaken. Reagan came when America needed its pride back and he succeeded in that mission. Obama is not declaring himself FDR or Lincoln, he is simply managing the crisis with the tools he has available in his Chevy.

Reagan had his crisis, FDR had his, and Lincoln had the mother of all crisis. Give President Obama some time and if he screws it up then I will be the first one to vote his butt out of office in four years. It has only been a month since he took office, give me a break! Can we actually take a breath and see if the actions he institutes actually have an effect in one years time?


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