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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Polling Numbers in Question

One of the things that I honestly believe that is skewing the polling numbers is the growth of cell phones in households across America. Sitting around the house tonight I watched as the wife had a couple of calls on her cell phone, a few of the kids had calls on their cell phones, and yet the house phone that is hard wired never rang all night long. Then I was thinking that many of our friends no longer have home phones and just use their cell phone for everything. Could this be the reason why millions of voters are not included in the polling numbers? Could this explain why the race in the media is supposedly so close? Obama has huge events with tens of thousands of supporters showing up. McCain has a convention room with a thousand people showing up in the same cities?

Cell phones seem to be the main use for phone service in this country for people and voters 18 to 35 and older but I’m just guessing that that fact just might be why the polls are not picking up even higher percentages in favor of Obama in this election across the country. If all of the organizations working to register new voters and many of those new voters are cell phone junkies then they are not part of the polling process by any political polling numbers.

The Obama campaign has energized the younger generation to participate in their government here in America and frankly it is kind of hard to find “Likely Voters” if there is not a cell phone directory like the Yellow Pages to ask them how they are going to vote. New registered voters from Democrat led political organizations is into the millions and Obama and Hillary led that movement in the primaries.

Just a thought…

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Blogger Ms.Crystal said...

This is the very same reason I believe there may just be a VERY large amount of people at the polls that are not being "counted". I think there may be some eye opening come November
4th. I know I have not had a land line since 2002, and my bf and I use our cells and only our cells. No one is asking my opinion on any polls

6:56 PM  
Blogger Papamoka said...

Thanks for the point being made Crystal from your generation! You are not alone. Being in our late thirties to early forties, my wife and I will be dumping our land line soon because nobody uses it anymore. Why pay for it when you don't use it?

The polling numbers are way off and not realistic. This fact is not in favor of McCain by any means.

11:44 PM  

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