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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cluster Maps aka World Visitors

One of the things that amazes me is where all the people that read this site come from. About a year ago I added in the sidebar a world map of visitors to Papamoka Straight Talk. I just think it is so cool to see people from not just America reading this site but from five continents. It's a great little piece of blog candy and I happen to recommend it highly. I'm really blown away how many readers there has been to this site from not just all over America but in Europe as well! Then to see readers from all over Asia, Australia and South America too! Thanks for stopping by everyone.
I'm told by the ClustrMaps people that they have to archive the current map of this site and start anew. I'm going to miss all my little red dots, medium red dots, and big red dots. But I am consoled to know that they have to archive the maps every once in a while or the whole thing just looks like a big red map. We would not want this visitor map service confused with a Red State or Blue State political map.

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