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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

More Red States Going Blue

Not that it is a huge shock to most people but many former Red States are turning Blue in surprising numbers. Mind you, many conservative and independent voters hold a majority in these states but the polling numbers are refreshing when it comes to change in America. Whether they like Obama or not, they know that McCain is more of the same if not poison to the world they live in. Anyone at this point would be better than John McCain who has become George Bush’s clone.

Since the last Presidential election North Dakota is leaning towards Obama, Missouri is leaning towards Obama, West Virginian and Virginia is leaning towards Obama, Florida is going for Obama, Ohio is beginning to go Obama, Colorado and New Mexico are tilting toward Obama. Last but not least, North Carolina and Indiana are a toss up. And Obama is still holding all the states that John Kerry carried in the 2004 Presidential election.

Then you get states that should be a lock for McCain but are not and the race for President goes into a super blow out. States like Georgia, Mississippi and Montana that are within reach of an Obama win given the McCain campaign meltdown.



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Blogger mikemathew said...

Typically, the sample size is somewhere between 500 and 5000 people nationally. It’s totally irrelevant in terms of measuring anything of worth for a state-by-state general election. Polls only serve to give the punditry something to yap about during the 24 hour news cycle.The polls don’t really account for the avalanche of newly registered democratic voters in almost every state. Nor do the polls account for McCain’s inability to match resources with Obama, be it in the form of total finances or district-by-district manpower on the ground.
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