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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cable Network Lies Keep Presidential Race in Dead Heat

Hello Papamoka Bloggers - I would like to slam the corporate media for the manipulative "infotainment" they call news, and how they're reporting a "tight race" at this time when all indications are that the race has already tightened and is favoring Obama by double digits.

From what I can observe, CNN and MSNBC are lying about the election at this moment. Yes, they're lying scum. Each continues to call Nevada, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida "swing states" despite the fact that the majority of polls in each of those states is now showing Barack Obama ahead of McCain beyond the margin of error - many by double digits. I won't bother to report on FOX. I don't even consider that to be "infotainment." I just consider it pure propaganda, or crap, whichever you prefer.

I know the networks have a job to keep their ratings up, but they also have a duty to the American people and the airwaves we allow them to use to tell us the truth. It used to be required by law, but since those regulations were gutted by Clinton and the Congress in the 90's I believe it's more of a pledge now. No matter, it's still a pledge.

They should not be allowed to lie, and they are lying to us, their customers. We don't allow package goods companies to lie on their labels (at least the regulated ones), so why should we allow media companies to lie in their news. Sure, Republicans can defend them by saying that if even one poll suggests otherwise then it proves they're not lying, but that's not the standard they use for their statistical analysis. I read through their standards and it is clear that those states should be moved into "leaning-Obama" based on their own criteria.

We all know the only reason they're not doing it is because they need to lie about a close race to keep their ratings up. Those "swing states" remain their only bread and butter. They need to keep those residents frothing at the mouth, creating controversy, and angry. That's the way to keep the rating's up and the money train flowing I guess. It also helps them to keep pumping the candidates for more campaign ad revenues. I think it's despicable, unfair to the campaign donors, unfair to the voters who seek the truth, and shouldn't be allowed to continue after this election.

The networks should have a public obligation to report honest facts during elections. If people knew that the race was going a certain way they might turn their attention to other problems. Keeping us continually in the grip of a fast and furious horse race is dishonest and distracting. It's also completely unfair to the candidate who is actually ahead. They should be able to see the fruits of their labor, and focus on sealing the deal. I hope we make some changes after this is all over.

Michael Boh
Papamoka's West Coast Contributor
from Our Rants & Raves Blog
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Blogger Papamoka said...

Facts being reported? Are you nuts! What are you trying to do, put Bill O'Reilly out of work, aka laid off! You and I as posters would have nothing to complain about and then where would we be? ROFLMAO!

Great read...

5:35 PM  

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