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Monday, October 13, 2008

Real Talk with Obama and Biden

One of the things that I find interesting is the ability for Barack Obama and Joe Biden to sit down with reporters from any media house. Obama sat down with Bill O’Reilly and answered all the question the best of the spin zone could give him. And Obama will probably sit down with Bill again if that is what it takes to let people really know who Barack Obama and Joe Biden are.

If you look at real journalists and not political pundits then you have to think of the crew over at 60 Minutes. Just a few years back there was a saying buzzing around about 60 Minutes and the reporters working there. It went something like this but I’m paraphrasing. If 60 Minutes is knocking on your door, do not answer the door!

Week after week 60 Minutes broadcasts amazing stories with hard hitting questions without having to read the Miranda Rights to the person being interviewed. This little seen interview on You Tube from the end of August by 60 Minutes gives a better idea as to who Barack Obama and Joe Biden really are…

Video Link

One thing is clear to me, Obama and Biden don’t have a problem with answering any questions honestly. From anyone or any network or print media interviewer. Biden will not be a “Yes” man to Obama, and Obama will listen to other peoples opinion and thoughts before making a nation changing decision as President. That would be a fresh change from the Cowboy Maverick we have as President now in George Bush, and the carbon copy John McCain has morphed into.


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