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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Obama Wins According to McClatchy?

I’m not one to call a political race over and done with before the actual election happens but the McCain implosion, the Republican self destruction in ethics leads some merit to one political pundit calling the next election for President a landslide. As voters we can not forget the fall out of Denise Hastert, the Republican Speaker of the House over the Mark Foley alleged sex with congressional teen age pages and unbecoming acts and allegations incident and subsequent cover up. He left office in disgrace.

We as voters can not forget the allegations against the Senate Leader Tom Delay with rigging Congressional election jurisdictions to favor his political party in Texas or his numerous dealings with many lobbyist in the capitol. He left office in disgrace. I could go on and on from W to Karl Rove, Jack Abamoff, Scooter Libby and the list just grows. Corruption, greed, more for me, screwing over the American people was a mantra for the first six years of the Bush administration. Over at McClatchy they have this to say on what they think the election will result…

Daring to utter the 'L' word: Obama on track to a landslide
By Steven Thomma McClatchy Newspapers

WASHINGTON — Barring a dramatic change in the political landscape over the next three weeks, Democrats appear headed toward a decisive victory on Election Day that would give them broad power over the federal government.

The victory would send Barack Obama to the White House and give him larger Democratic majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate — and perhaps a filibuster-proof margin there.

That could mark a historic realignment of the country's politics on a scale with 1932 or 1980, when the out party was given power it held for a generation, and used it to transform government's role in American society.

Obama, a 47-year-old first-term senator from Illinois, is now well positioned to win the Electoral College. He's comfortably holding most of the "blue" states that went for Democrats Al Gore and John Kerry in past elections, polls show, and he's gaining momentum to take away several "red" states that have voted Republican in recent elections, including Florida, Ohio, Colorado and Virginia.

The Democrats are also widely expected to take big gains in House and Senate races. Like Obama, they're reaching deep into once solid Republican territory. Even such stalwarts as North Carolina Sen. Elizabeth Dole and Kentucky Sen. Mitch McConnell, the Senate Republican leader, could be in jeopardy.
- McClatchy

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Given all of the corruption over the last eight years we have to realistically look at whom we elect to not just the Presidency but to the Congress and the Senate. I’m by no means a Conservative but you have to admit that many events over the last eight years have been everything but conservative in nature. The budget is more than busted, money is flowing out from the treasury faster than it comes in and the world financial markets are collapsing. From no bid contracts for the former firm that Dick Cheney was the CEO of to the amazing run up of oil prices from a President that was once an oil executive. There was no avenue of revenue they could not rape and have taxpayers pick up the bill. This has been one of the greatest grab and run Congress and Presidency in our nations history and it wasn’t Democrats that fed the fire and voted for it.

When you as a moderate or independent voter see the stories and videos about the anger coming from the McCain campaign then you see why this nation is so screwed up today. Ideology is only good if it serves them alone. To hell with you, get a job, you are a Communist, a Socialist, and you are not an American is what they scream at Obama supporters. You my friend, you are a terrorist too because you don’t tow the die hard party base of the Republican Party line. That includes your sons and daughters in service to this nation in one of the most powerful military organizations in the world. And yet we in the middle are the problem with what is going wrong in this nation?

All you troops in service to America with Democrat or Independent voter parents to the back of the bus! Hut two, three, four!

It’s time to take our nation back and let it be run by “We the People”. Yes we can is not just a Barack Obama campaign slogan but an American call to action to take back our government and end the madness that has us all in this crisis that is our country. Terrorist’s may have attacked us on 9/11 but greed has been attacking our sovereignty as a people from that day forward.


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Anonymous Infidel753 said...

Denise Hastert

Did he get a sex-change operation?! :-)

Seriously, the Republicans have certainly taken the cake in amusing scandals over the last few years -- the punchline has got to be Larry Craig and David Vitter teaming up as champions of traditional family values. It's hard to see that hurting McCain very much, though. More likely his numbers just got caught in the general recoiling from the Republican "brand" in the wake of the financial crisis. As people sober up and realize that the need for an experienced leader is now greater than ever, he's gaining again.

I agree with you that the Democrats will probably make large gains in the House and Senate. Americans tend to like divided government, though.

1:36 AM  

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