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Monday, October 13, 2008

Richard Lewis on Olbermann

One of the things that I find remotely interesting is comedians that can use the truth to point out the obvious. And it is laughable because it is the truth in politics. Richard Lewis did a guest piece on Keith Olbermann and he hits on all the key points that make sense politically in this election for President.

This was a great guest shot and MSNBC and Countdown have it here…

Video Link

Richard Lewis is correct in assuming that all the progress made over the last forty or fifty years should not be tossed out the window in this election. This nation has come so far and we can go further. We need to defend the weak amongst us, protect the innocent, and defend the rights our parents, grand parents, and the people they elected into political office gave to all American’s.

We as a nation will need to come together more so now than ever before during this economic downturn and support one another rather than cut our neighbors down over politics. My family, your family depends on a nation that is united more than you know. This nation needs many things, across all party lines and electing a President is not a popularity contest anymore. It is about electing true leaders that will funnel common sense back to where it should be.

Our nation has lost its way, instead of defending the poorest amongst us, we reward the richest amongst us with tax cuts. There is no trickle down economics when you give corporations already making over ten billion dollars a quarter profit a tax cut. There is however a bowl of cereal and milk every morning for a little girl anywhere in America when her mom and dad get a tax cut. There is a pair of jeans or a cute dress from the local retailer that she can wear. There is a nutritional lunch that she can get at school every day that comes with an educational system that needs to be better and not just a building with kids in it.

This election matters more than you know and it can change this nations path when you vote. When you do vote, think of your kids, your check book, and your wallet. Democrats are the only people offering change in this election cycle.

It is time for people to wake up and tell the politicians that “I am done with eating cake, where’s the beef!”


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